2015 Until Infinity

This might be my last piece until the ball drops
If you ain’t talking money I’ll let the call drop.
This worlds making me sick I need a cough drop
Sooner or later imma be in the hotspot
I’m starting to turn into someone who’s hot headed and cold hearted
The dealings with my last girl is where it started
So now mr. Nice guy has done been departed
Expecting to do the same thing and get different results is kinda retarded
And I shouldn’t use that word but it kinda fits here
Even if you’ll drive me crazy I’ll hit 5th gear
2014 has been full of ups and downs the shit’s weird.
Got to be the MVP in my jordan year
If you’re happy with your life, you ain’t hating.
If you hating on people, you ain’t happy
The bullshit I done been through is motivation
Proving other people wrong? I’ll do that gladly
We worry about tomorrow like it’s promised
Life could change in a split second, just being honest
You’re trying to be a star, I want to be a comet
I’m trying to do it big, I don’t need your comments
A diamond in the rough, I just need some polish.
My success bout to hit people in the head like I signed with Vonage
You’re either playing checkers or you’re playing chess
The times you thought I had the answers? I probably guessed.
Looking at the evidence it’s clear that I’m blessed
I’m not on a real diet, the weight loss came from stress
It feels like the world isn’t set up to let me prosper
People acting like they feel you, they deserve an Oscar.
Being a black male with potential can carry a lot of drama.
I could easily become either the next Mike Brown or the next Obama
It’s crazy that my life could be reduced to a hashtag
This era reminds me of one with the brown bag
Where you gotta pass a test to see if your black can be accepted
But I was ordained for success, I was preselected.
You can either have happiness or you can have excuses
You can either have worries or you can have solutions
You can either have hoes or you can have feelings
You can either have popularity or have millions
I’m not telling you what to do, I’ll just present it
Friends won’t help you get your money but they sure will spend it
Why we always choose the start of the new year to make changes?
Why we always choose the stupid shit to make famous?
After my last one, my view of women are tainted
If a picture’s worth a thousand words then my poems are paintings
Won’t allow anyone’s paint brush to paint me as crazy
Just because you don’t see me working doesn’t make me lazy
2014 had ups and downs man, this year was crazy
Here’s an early Christmas gift from the Christmas baby.

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