Don’t Save Her

Don’t save her because she doesn’t wanna be saved
She’s career oriented, she just wants to get paid
Recognition for her accomplishments, she just wants to get praised
Girls just wanna have fun she just wants to get laid
They say, women are like balloons, don’t tie ‘em down they fly away
But the question is, who said that they wanna stay?
Do I communicate or fall back like a fade away?
Never let a person corrupt you this ain’t training day
I’m learning lessons that I should have learned a long time ago
Don’t have a Papa John’s attitude and think you’re worth Pappadeaux’s
You gotta allow her inhibitions to melt away like a popsicle
Know what you’re getting into because broken hearts can land you in the hospital
Stop trying to pigeonhole people into a certain frame
If they fail to fit it you try to make them feel ashamed
Everyone can’t go home again, we’re not LeBron James
Stop trusting jewel thieves to take care of your rings
Which means stop trusting those who you know aren’t good for you
Are you sure they’re doing everything they could for you?
Don’t save her because she don’t wanna be saved
She’s a young party girl, she just wants to fucking rage
We ain’t even in the same book let alone the same page
We’re both trying to run game, we might have called the same play
Superman is gone, you made me put the cape away
Everyone has a shot at love, don’t be afraid to shoot away
The crazy ones are always the ones that can’t stay away
The people that struggled with you are the ones that deserve better days
Why you trying to save someone that’s never even asked you too?
That’s setting yourself up for failure, gotta get a clue
Sometimes we focus way too much on the physical
And totally neglect the mental and the spiritual
We judge women on both sides, they’re either a hoe or a prude
So if you’re gonna be judged anyway, what you gotta lose?
If it makes you happy then do what you gotta do
Just don’t expect me to save your ass when you’re through
Can’t let others make me angry, I got to play it cool
I done wised up a little bit, no longer playing the fool
We can be shallow as hell but the captions be deep though
Mess around and lose your star player like the Miami Heat though
I don’t think anyone can touch me like a free throw
Gotta keep my feelings covered up, where’s my peacoat?
You’re precious, I hope you don’t succumb to the peer pressure
Because if you’re headed down the wrong path, the world will let ya
Be careful not to lose your soul just for a new adventure
And to my fellas, there’s a couple things you should remember
Don’t save her because she don’t wanna be saved
Don’t save her unless she wants to be saved
Don’t save her because you might just get played
Don’t save her, go on and put your cape away

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