What More Can I Say?

What more can I say, what more can I do?
I accomplished so much but still have so much to prove
I’ve taken a couple hits, yeah my ego’s kinda bruised
And if you wanna walk out of my life, I’ll buy you the shoes
There’s a difference between being honest and being rude
There’s a difference between being trusting and being fooled
If I was really honest then people would think I’m really crude
But if you wanna nail down my thoughts, you might want better tools
I can’t even nail down my thoughts half of the time
I’m just trying to find someone who can complement my grind
Trying to find someone who ain’t afraid of my shine
And my future’s so bright if you stare at it you’ll be blind
Trust me, I’m focused. I have no time for the bogus
And these haters swarming, I swear to God they like locusts
People want me to handle their problems, Olivia Pope shit
And I try to drop a couple life lessons, go ahead and quote this
And I know I ain’t perfect, and I know I ain’t rich
Because if I was, God knows I probably couldn’t handle that shit
Well, I guess he didn’t think I could handle it if it came quick
But right now, I’m fighting for my sanity, might whip out a crane kick
I have a millionaire mindset so we don’t speak the same language
If you see an empty bank account and don’t feel a little anguish
They say a picture’s worth a 1000 words so I done spoke a couple paintings
Momma kept me right, partly because of a couple spankings
They telling me, it’s ok, they say Calvin be patient
But to be quite honest, I’m tired of patiently waiting
I want it, I want it, I want it right now
I deserve some love, I’m everyone else’s cash cow
These dudes acting foul like I got hacked on the lay up
I’m trying to get what I’m owed, somebody better pay up
What more can I say? I got a chip on my shoulder
And it’s not Frito lay we’re talking more like a boulder
I had a warm heart but it’s constantly getting colder
As the foul shit people do constantly gets bolder
But you gotta be strategic, gotta think three steps away
To those that slept on me, I hope that y’all wet the bed
Is that petty? Yes it is. But I can’t worry about it
Remember I told y’all I’m getting cold hearted? There’s snow flurries around it
I deserve better than what I have received, that’s a damn fact
People wanna always gas me, but don’t have a damn match
What more can I say, how much more can I speak?
How much more can I write, how much more can I tweet?
They place me against the odds but the odds I still beat
How much more can I amaze with these amazing ass feats?
I’m just giving you food for thought, this is an amazing ass feast
But yet I’m depended on the most but helped out the least
Sometimes you just gotta bear the burden of it alone
Tell the haters keep their 2 cents, I don’t want them needing a loan.

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