December’s Very Own

December’s very own, a proud capricorn
Keep your 2 cents because I don’t want you to need a loan
Lonely people everywhere, their feelings need a home
I’m ahead of the game I just hope my lead doesn’t get blown
You see, a star was born on December 22nd
Young black and aggressive, trying to find his message
People way more focused on the dressing instead of the lettuce
End up waiting for the bus like a throwback Jerome Bettis
The fact that I am still alive is a blessing
Who’s gonna become the next hashtag is the question?
Black men are asking white society, what the fuck we do to you?
Your logic got a big hole in the middle of it like a hula-hoop
The truth can do your body good like some chicken noodle soup
I promise it’s not hard to figure out like a rubix cube
People want me to conform, I’m more liable to fly the coop
People told me I wouldn’t succeed, then I bought myself a coupe
People treat me like a superhero, expecting me to come out the booth
Don’t tell people your dreams, they’ll just tell you all the ways you’ll lose
It’s crazy you got to hide your ambitions in order to reach ‘em
Don’t spill your soul to a woman, I promise she’ll end up leaving
Once a person leaves your presence, then you realize you need ‘em
Life often boils to two choices, you can either join them or beat ‘em
Why is it you gotta punish folks before you can teach ‘em
Why is it that Sammy Sosa felt like he had to resort to skin bleaching?
They made us hate ourselves, and love their wealth
I’m in a fight with my demons trying to winning the champion’s belt
I forgot better ideas than most people ever think of
Forgot to text back better women than you could dream of
Hiding my real feelings because real feelings get you hurt
It’s real in the field, show vulnerability and you’ll get murked
People covered in mud telling me to not do dirt
That’s like a pimp walking up to me and telling me not to flirt
Need to get these women out my mind that I’m never gonna get with
About to kill the game and I might make everyone a witness
I got to step my suit game up because I’m about to be on my business
Of course I think I’m gifted, I was born 3 days before Christmas
It’s ok to have confidence in yourself, don’t let no one tell you different
And it’s ok to fall short, at least you ain’t tripping a midget
Sometimes I’m my biggest fan, other times I’m my worst critic
I’ll have a chance at stardom, I just pray that I don’t miss it
Grandma doesn’t recognize me so I barely visit
Living life in the fast lane, hoping I don’t get a ticket
Our stereotypes of people has become so damn rigid
People walking around looking like the Grinch who stole Christmas
People don’t believe your success unless they see a Twitpic
They want me to break the internet like when a celeb has a tit pic
So break the internet, I will. My actions? I gotta keep it real
Because one of December’s Very Own bout to give the world chills.

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