Lead Me On

Shoutout to the girls who led me on, this isn’t designed to be petty
But I wouldn’t be the man I am if these girls didn’t forget me
You learn from your mistakes and you move forward, can’t dwell on the past
The girls who led me on gave me motivation to stunt on their ass
Female friends? I got many of them, I guess that is the path I chose
And no matter what I tell people, they still assume I have the hoes
No matter what I tell people, they still place the value on clothes
These dudes still spending like rookies, thinking they ready for the pros
To make everyone happy I would need a clone, don’t mind me I’m in my zone
To all the girls that led me on, they abdicated their right to the throne
I rock with people, I really do but sometimes I just need to be alone
Because when I make a little money, suddenly everyone needs a loan
Hard to decipher who’s with you and who’s against you so I say fuck it and go ahead
I can’t even worry about all the dangerous thoughts that go on in my head
So I’m getting money, more focused on getting money than I probably even should be
And I know that showing emotion doesn’t ever mean I’m a pussy
Stole that line from Drizzy Drake, her beauty’s real, attitude’s more fake
Life’s a gamble, trying to raise the stakes, listening to amazing grace
I’ve made mistakes, even dated some too. We know I ain’t perfect
But women were messing with my mental making me feel like I ain’t worth it
There’s way more to me than what you see the surface, trying to figure out my purpose
Trying to ride a wave of good fortune like a homie took up surfing
Trying to find some rugs that are Persian, isn’t that a symbol of wealth?
People aren’t willing to help you unless you’re willing to help yourself
Gotta get up off of the ground, find some people to hold me down
Instead of hold me up, don’t you know dead weight can help you drown?
Our relationship goals now a days are trash, ain’t no other way to say it
More than 50% of marriages end in divorce, it’s not likely for anyone to make it
I don’t like putting my heart in relationships no more, to make sure they don’t break it
That’s why I gotta keep balling out, because I have to make a statement
This time of my life is make or break shit, this is the fork in the road moment
Gotta take advantage of this, gotta take my life and go and own it
The only thing a couple girls don’t like about me is my address
Thankful for the separation, some of these girls were mad stress
But it’s ok I digress, I’m just trying find better timing
Sometimes you got to relish the pressure because that’s the way you make diamonds
Like a skateboarder, I keep on grinding. My future’s so bright it’s kinda blinding
But it’s crazy the only way I can share my soul is if it involves rhyming
Shoutout to the girls who led me on, and I honestly mean that
I got some issues I’m getting over that I pray that the next one doesn’t bring back
Til them I got to focus on the greenbacks, they’re the only things that are loyal
Kings don’t let others tarnish their crown, gotta do anything to remain royal
Stress can get wound up like a coil, and sometimes you just need an outlet
The girls who led me on made me gunshy, they changed my mindset
But I’m thankful for each and every one of them and the things that have been done.
Because sometimes you got to lose the battles to make sure the war is won.

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