I can’t rock with you, no one deserves this many chances
I’m trying to take the world over, hold this shit for ransom
Why does all this bullshit happen, you can’t tell me it’s random
But this inspired change, it inspired personal expansion
I can’t rock with you if you aren’t ok with me venting
Because your attitude doesn’t contribute to my pension
Me caring too much has led me to way too much tension
Tired of thinking about you, space in my head you don’t need to be renting
I got a couple people that I honestly don’t need to be texting
If you let this shit stew then it can come out with too much aggression
Can’t let this shit affect me, I can’t afford to go into depression
But I’m changing my lifestyle, safe to say I learned all my lessons
Things aren’t really worth any bit of the stressing
We’re less worried about the lettuce and worried more about the dressing
And you can’t tell me that the philosophy isn’t ass backward
Now I’m officially obsessed with cheese like I’m a Green Bay Packer
If you remain stagnant you have a death wish
God always shows signs it’s just that we ignore the message
You’re clouding my future instead of making an investment
I’m about this close to harboring some resentment
And I feel stupid because my life He’s truly blessed it
But I have no choice but to wonder where is the right direction
Honestly, think about it, who is really worth impressing?
Sometimes we don’t get the answers because we fail to ask the questions
When you get knocked down you gotta bounce back
Can’t be too focused on figuring out where’s the love at
Because even if you love people aint no guarantee that they’ll love back
That’s some ill shit but ain’t shit you can do about that
What motivation did Michael Jordan have to beat the Monstars?
That’s the same motivation I have to get this sports car
I can’t fall off now, I have already went too far
So out of this world I can do a lap around 2 Mars
I been working so hard it’s like I got two jobs
Got to get this stuff of my chest like I’m anti boob-job
People can’t stress me out, that’s why I’m saying woosah
Everybody wants to be tough behind computers
And I can’t respect that so I can’t rock with you
You don’t respect my company therefore I gotta stop with you
Because I value my sanity more than our friendship
I don’t think you keep it real, you thrive on pretend shit
I made a promise to be smarter about my energy
That’s why I can’t rock with you,, you messing up my inner G.
Our interactions are the opposite of smooth, no Kenny G.
I’m not harboring ill will, do your thing my N-I-G.
Sometimes Kermit doesn’t even sip tea, he sips Hennessey
Because I’m starting to play the background, it’s ok not to remember me.
Because I’m not doing better so I have to improve
And to do that, I honestly can’t be rocking with you.

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