Exceed the Hype

I just don’t want to live up to the hype, I want to exceed it
There’s too many blessings in my life for me not to receiving them
Sometimes it’s better to fall back sometimes like hairlines’ receding
Real G’s move in silence because everyone is creeping
Addicted to success, I can’t help it if I am fiending
Trying to sow good seeds so I can enjoy what I am reaping
They want you to be humble only when you’re better than them
But if you’re a lower status, being patient is what’s better for them
But don’t let anyone dictate your ambition except you
And to those who don’t accept you make sure they always regret you
Make sure they always respect you, they don’t have to like you
Because if you’re speaking truth then some people wanna fight you
But it’s ok, keep grinding and know that you’ll shine one day
We both know that we’re fly, tell these haters to clear the runway
You don’t believe in shooting stars, don’t make me resort to gunplay
Having a bad chick would just be the cherry on top of the perfect Sundae
But I’m gonna keep grinding until someone makes hard work a crime
With a bunch of bad women walking with me; march of dimes
Even when I’m in the doghouse, I know I’m gonna be fine
When people try to shade you, they’re just afraid of your shine
Don’t be overly emotional, when haters talk about you, it’s promotional
This girl keeps praising me it’s like her passion is devotional
Don’t provoke me bro, and don’t ask me how I feel about so and so
No longer responding to slander from people who don’t know me though
And to keep it 100, none of y’all really know me though
Y’all can’t tie me down to one thing, this ain’t a rodeo
Sometimes you just gotta take your shot like you’re Kobe though
And other times, people switch up their faces like emoji’s though
Don’t get caught up on the rope-a-dope. Sometimes we hope on hope
They say I have a dirty mind, they trying to wash it down with soap
But I gotta keep grinding before anyone in my family croak
Say no to drugs? That’s why they deny me, because they know I’m dope
If you ain’t with me, you’re against me & an enemy is an enemy
You know what I want, I already got too many females friends with me
Sometimes you gotta take it slow like the crawling of a centipede
But other times you gotta strike fast like you have cheetah speed
They asking me to keep the peace, but I might just have to keep the piece
Self-perseveration, gotta get the things that I need
Gotta get the things I crave no matter the circumstances
Have to be precise now because I’m not guaranteed second chances.

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