The Transformation

Sometimes you need a transformation in order to become legendary
It’s ok to become cold-hearted, the world needs a little February
Don’t worry about me, I’m good. I’m 100 like a high fever
I’m just trying to go out with some dignity, think Kobe Bryant, Think Derek Jeter
I have never ever smoked some reefer, change is coming like a broken meter
Living life in the fast lane, running hard no 100-meter
Sometimes I robbed Paul in order to play Peter, a play on words, these nouns and verbs
People keep slandering me, after all I’ve done man it’s absurd
I was too busy obsessing about the wrong things but I’m back now
I’m like Marc Gasol in the post, the enemy has no choice but to back down
They’re like look at this dude, poetry’s flying, he think he raps now
But the milk always tastes sweeter when it is coming from a cash cow
I needed the transformation to take place, can’t worry about who’s fake
Raise your classes, it’s time to celebrate. In fact, let me raise the stakes
Is it easy to trust or is it hard to trust? You can get stomped on by your golden crush
They always told em that haste makes waste, that’s why I can’t rush
I have enough female friends, what I need more for?
If you plan on driving me crazy, are you gonna buy me a 4 door?
I’m not the type to settle scores, I much rather stack the deck
There’s plenty people who die over nothing, at least risk your life for respect
I’m looking for the smart money, but I’m that dude to pay all debts
Power comes in different ways, never piss off the waiters or the chef
Or you’ll end up with a loogie in your burger the size of a building
And I never assume you’re chilling unless I see you just chilling
And even then you might be doing some crazy things behind my back
Speak small, carry a big stick and be always ready for attack
Crazy is as crazy does, if you’re generous you’ll get the crazy love
But as soon as the well dries, will they turn their back or build you up?
Or will they try to turn it around and bill you up?
And bury you in perceived debts, stress building up to your neck
Life screws us all, don’t be scared of sex. Work hard, don’t be scared of sweat
Take some new levels, don’t be scared of jets even though my life is still a mess
Smile brightly like you trying to sponsor for Crest
Sometimes the people you rock with can become the biggest pests
Only one person in the world can ever be the best
That’s the nature of the dragon, is there still need to stress?
Baby just relax, is there still need to press?
Like it’s some dry cleaning, like a damn suit vest
Life is like a race car I’m trying to keep it souped up
Looking for the person I need to lean on like a damn double cup
Man, I been out the way, I was damn near double tucked
These dudes are cheesy like the crust that’s double stuffed
But everyone doesn’t have to know what all is up
Because the best laid plans hatch when people hush.

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