Highway to Closure

I’m trying to find some closure, don’t know if I’m gonna get it
They say everyone gets a chance at love, knowing me I probably missed it
When it comes to romance I fall short like I am some type of damn midget
There’s a couple girls that got me nervous now when I see ‘em all I do is fidget
But let me chill, let me relax, we’re all addicted to someone, don’t relapse
Don’t tell me you miss me, I don’t need that, trust me I don’t need that
Because I don’t need these feelings to come back, I pray they don’t come back
Life has knocked me down a couple times but I’m prepared for my comeback
My future’s bright like where’s the sun at, my mom’s like where’s my son at?
If you don’t believe in shooting starts then tell me where’s my gun at?
Because I’m a star in the making like a supernova in the sky
In the need of a co-star that no matter the cars condition, they’re down to ride
They think my life is sweet like apple pie, but really it’s quite bitter
It sucks not knowing how the person feels about you but you know that you miss her
After the way things ended, it took everything not to publicly diss her
But if she standing in front of me right now, I don’t know if I’d cuss her out or kiss her
But I’m driving on this highway, trying to find some closure
Everytime someone gets close to me they hurt me, not sure if anyone will get closer
All’s fair in love and war, tired of being blindsided as a solider
I used to be a good person now I see my heart getting colder
I don’t know if I can blame one person or if it was a collection of things
My past is messing with my mental, I don’t even get the girl of my dreams in my dreams
Meanwhile I look around and see everyone else on some lover shit
Meanwhile all the other girls I’m attractedto be on some other shit
But when has life been fair? I mean, why would it start now?
People only care about what you can do for ‘em, life of the cash cow
People wonder how I do it, to be honest, I don’t even know how?
Sometimes I be wanting to spill my guts like I was freaking a black n mild
See, I’m just trying to free my mind & find someone who’s on their grind
But what good is a good girl is she doesn’t believe it’s a good time?
Almost have you considering some crazy shit, then you ask is it worth it?
I know everyone has flaws, but I feel like I’m the furthest thing from perfect
And I feel so isolated because I feel like I burden people with my issues
Trying to pinpoint the root of my problems, I might just need a honing missile
I might just need a strong drink or 2 but I don’t drink all like that
I feel stupid lamenting over this nonsense, I need to get my mojo back
Like the track world needed Flo Jo back, heartbreak? I know all that
I’m just looking for someone to kick it like we’re trying to bring the dojo back.
It’s hard carrying the burden by yourself, and no one is able to help you
Where you want to forget all of your shortcomings but no one will let you
I’m just a young black man who is filled with a lot of regret
I haven’t had any luck with women and now I’m at the point where I’m always upset
I don’t know what the fuck to do any more. It’s not often I’m at a complete loss.
I paid the price to be in the position I’m in, but I didn’t know it was such a steep cost.
So I’m just driving down the highway praying that this burden gets a little lighter
And the older I become, the circle of friends becomes a little tighter
I’m tired of taking chances just to end up getting burned every time
I used to be a good person but that person is becoming harder to find.

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