Working Out My Issues

Please excuse me, I’m just working out my issues
Praying to the Gods that I don’t text this girl ‘I miss you”
I want to be a straight shooter like I’m a honing missile
My trust is fragile and it’s easy to break, it’s brittle
People assume my life is sweet like a handful of skittles
They marginalize my problems, why must they belittle?
People keep telling me to fall back like hairlines receding
But honestly, I’m just looking for someone to believe in
Dealing with mental issues will have you drowning in the deep end
Everyone assumes I have the hoes, they assume I’m creeping
But I’m about as alone as a slice of American cheese
People assume I’m a saint, they think I’m Drew Brees
I’m a magnet for the slander, a victim of propaganda
But I still gotta swing for the fences like Mickey Mantle
Even if I viewed chicks like trophies, I’d have an empty mantle
Because apparently a good guy is something women can’t handle
Man if I told the secrets that I knew, the world would change
But I mind my business, stack my paper and try to stay in my lane
People want me to turn up, want me to go express more
More money, more problems, I really done had to stress more
People continue to try it, man they swear they know me
I been out here starving, now they got me like I’m Kobe
Trying to see if I still got it, we’ll see
But all the rumors spreading is just a form of promotion for free
This woman is like a drug and I pray to god I don’t relapse
There’s always someone coming for your spot that’s why I can’t relax
I have an addictive personality, to this point I haven’t needed rehab
People keep testing me, trying to force me to be bad
A return to the glory? I don’t think I had much to begin with
I try to keep my mouth shut but if I say something, I meant it
And people working both sides of the isle, why you gotta be so fake?
The people who won’t spare a crumb, when you eating they want a plate
With Destiny? I swear I have a date. We playing chess not checkers
So when I talk about check mate that means just more than I checked her
People telling me to chill, just focus on getting better
Because when I brainstorm, you receive an alert for severe weather
Trying to feel better, dodging punches like Mayweather
Aprils showers bring the flowers that make us enjoy May Weather
Which means the bad times only sets you up for the great times
We rarely go to the source, we just believe the shit we hear from the grapevine
Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see
Tired of chasing her, trying to cuff her, girl I ain’t the damn police
Some of the girls I know are grimy, and they the ones with all the hoes
In this game of life, sometimes things change and you need an audible
But don’t mind me, I’m just working out my issues
Trying to be a straight shooter like a damn homing missile
Trying to solve this game of life is something like a riddle
And I’m just praying that I don’t text this girl “I miss you”

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