Fear the Radical

Searching for closure is a fool’s errand, there’s nothing there

Shut up and deal with the nonsense because life isn’t fair

Where they get off telling me that I’m not rare?

Screw me over and when you need me most, I won’t be there

Yeah I guess that can be considered petty; should have warned you that when you met me

The heartbreaks I dealt with have been plenty, they say I’m cold hearted call Wayne Gretzky

It’s hard as hell to be pissed off in a jetski, but I’m sure there are people who are

People assume you got all the fans, just because they think you’re a star

They think you run shit, they think you’re a czar

A couple underhanded tactics got me raising the bar

These haters are who we thought they were, on my Dennis Green tip

Sometimes in this world we live in, it is better to disguise your genius

People love the original, hate the remix. People love the sinner, hate the sin.

People just see the finished product, but have no clue of where it begins

They say I’m a radical, hopeless romantic, they say I’m fanatical

It’s funny how feelings can disappear, I guess this love thing really is magical

Girl I promise I’ll do your body good like a vegetable, but that is missing the point

I promise that I am all about the papers like Wiz Khalifa rolling a joint

I got a lot of acquaintances but I’m still a lone ranger

Because I had a lot of people leave me to dry like a hanger

My entire life is a miracle but I wasn’t born in a manger

Because everyone ain’t suited for this life, buy yourself a blazer

Dealing with nonsense should have been my major, would’ve graduated in 3 years

If Beyoncé was drunk on love, I’m still sober after 10 beers

Man of the people, I deserved cheers but where did that really get me

People throwing all types of shots, some of them really hit me

My ex girl man really spinned me, I don’t even know if I’m over that shit

She drove me crazy, I’m over the road, how can I get over that chick?

I promise never to slip again, even if there’s ice on the roads and shit

Sex isn’t a commodity but I can see how people think they’re owed that shit

But let me calm down a bit, let me relax before I relapse

I’m many things to many people, whatever you need, I can be that

What’s your vision in life? Whatever you see, help me see that

Life is showing us how beautiful it is to let things go, see where the leaves at?

What people want and what people need are often two different things

If you don’t tell people your goals, then they can’t shoot down your dreams

I’m addicted to this lifestyle, they got me looking like fiends

Does cash rule everything around me, is it really about CREAM?

I’m a monster in the making, see what you made of me

Don’t fuck with me, there’s plenty of fools who died because of bravery

Fear and Loathing in Ohio, is there a point to saving me?

I’m obsessed with bread, cake & dough, I should open a bakery

Someone tell this chick to quit baiting me, retreat to her hideout safely

I had a chick who didn’t do long distance, I think she just wanted away with me

They say there’s someone for everyone, did my person accidently run away from me?

Got me looking like Sam Smith, begging for someone to stay with me

I can’t go through life living hazily, or even worse lazily

I used to see the good in all people, I know right, crazy me.

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