Cut Off Season

I can’t trust these fake dudes, I can’t trust these hoes neither
People are on some bullshit, I guess it’s cut off season
People applaud you when you’re here, throw shade soon as you’re leaving
There’s a reason for everything but people throwing shade for no reason
People talk shit and assume I’m creeping. But really they don’t know nothing
I try to be honest with everything but it seems like people encourage fronting
Throw dirt all on my name, don’t these women have no shame
I’m aware of all the games, but I’m gonna keep doing my thing
These people assume I’m lane, I could let them drive me insane
But all these fraudulent people don’t deserve space in my brain
People should really be ashamed, I would mention people’s name
But it doesn’t do me any good to give these people fame
These hoes ain’t loyal, word to Chris. In fact, they’re full of shit
I think they specialize in talking shit, talk is cheap but talk is quick
A rumor can spread all around the word before the truth gets outta bed and shit
I’m way too old to be focusing on some petty shit
Even if I had hoes, the hoes I had make me wanna start over
I think it’s time for a new November after suffering my Red October
I’m trying to keep my cool, I don’t like being played like a fool
But I have too much to lose to continue fucking around with you
There’s some snakes in the grass, gotta protect myself in the zoo
One of the reasons I’m single, I seem to only attract strong 2’s
And that’s both in personality and attractiveness
I hand around with some savages, might make you disappear on some magic shit
You turning into a respectable woman would be the greatest magic trick
Because clearly it isn’t embedded in you, you really don’t have that shit
I can’t let you tell me I’m not amazing, and I’m way too patient
It ain’t nothing to cut that bitch off, ain’t that the famous saying?
Seems like my lifestyle is surrounded by chaos and mayhem
People debating on whether I got game, I guess it depends on what we’re playing
Hindsight is 20/20, and looking back I feel like a dumbass
But I can’t let these hoes mess up my money, nothing more important than my cash
I don’t wanna think about her; she don’t even deserve my brainpower
Its ok to throw dirt on my name, ain’t that how you grow flowers?
I’m liable to brain storm, prepare yourself for thunder showers
I can’t rock with yall niggas, y’all associate with a lot of cowards
Gossip is the tax that you pay for being well known
I have no time for childish things when my money’s full grown
Therefore I can’t rock with yall fools & I can’t trust these women either
If you’re gonna be on that trash, then it really is cut off season.

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