The Awakening

Is it wrong to be confident in your own abilities?
Renewed self-confidence, I don’t give a damn if you’re feeling me
When I’m going off the top of head, the connection I feel spiritually
Yes I’m in the building and I’m renovating the facility
People gonna hate no matter what you do, might as well make sure you’re happy
Oh what a tangled web we weave, the lies you tell makes everything nappy
Life doesn’t really wait for no man, every decision I make is snappy
At what point does your failings as a man can’t be blamed on having no daddy?
Got to take responsibility for your own actions, man you understand?
Can’t get a grip, he living with no traction, living underhand
I’m about to knock it out the park like somebody pitching underhand
And I know I’m dope, we talking 28 grams
I walk to the beat of my drum like shoutout to my band
Y’all know I’m a marketing major, got to worry about my brand
People throwing so much shade, it’s impossible to get a tan
But haters are really just a misguided version of the fans
I’m following the blueprints, busy tweaking my plans
This world got my head spinning looking like a damn fan
King of the city, don’t I sound so regal?
Endangered but still fly I’m looking like a bald eagle
Sticking to the point like the tip of the needle
Sometimes the littlest thing can annoy you the most like a damn beatle
Sometimes I feel like a rockstar like I’m a damn Beatle
And everyone is telling me that the love of money is root of all evil
And while I understand that money can’t buy you happiness
But at least it gives you a better chance to be happy shit!
I remember the most random things at the most random times
Some of these girls stay getting nailed down no Hammer time
People still sleeping on me but this isn’t pajama time
I’m tired of being thirsty for these women where’s the Fanta time?
Got no time to daydream, got no time to fantasize
I’m at the point where my peers used to be people I idolized
If I shared every detail about my life you’d say it’s dramatized
Did it my own way and felt no need to apologize
Life isn’t a democracy, it’s more of a meritocracy
I sneeze because I’m allergic to the bullshit and the hypocrisy
People love to say that honesty is the best policy
But then you tell the truth and they get mad at your honesty
Double standards just doubling up the propaganda
People love to say you ain’t black if you ain’t the new age Black Panthers
Where’s Sway at because these dudes don’t have the answers?
Holding the world hostage and these dudes don’t have the ransom
Young, black and gifted and some would even say I’m handsome
Trying to go ghost on my ex like the headless Horseman or Opera’s Phantom.
I’m the only one to get the job done, that statement couldn’t be more true
Value individuality, be less me and more you
Some people are so lost, they couldn’t even be helped by Blue’s clues
The early bird gets the worm, you hit snooze, you lose.

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