My life is a rollercoaster, some days I’m up, some days I’m down
I barely get any love when I’m out of town, people spreading slander when I’m not around
It would be nice if I could find one girl to hold me down
Need someone to help me adjust my crown, someone to help me if I drown
If I drown in all the adversity that’s surrounding me
Willing to do almost anything to make sure that my mom’s proud of me
All’s fair in love and war and I have seen my share of casualties
It’s looking like me being single for a while is just a formality
Sometimes it feels like the only woman that supports me is my mother
All the dope women in my life only consider me as a brother
I get curved for things that have absolutely nothing to do with me
But I’m trying to change the world, who’s with me?
I used to think I had everything figured out I realized I was mistaken
I really don’t even make mistakes anymore, I usually date them
I’m thankful for my predecessors and all the trails that they are blazing
I can’t even vent like I want to because I hate revealing information
I’m an imperfect man and I feel like my flaws are being magnified
My trust issues is just causing my stress to multiply
Man fuck them other niggas, I ain’t down with the other side
After all the things I do here, don’t I deserve a ride or die?
People take the tidbits they hear about me and make a whole story
It’s crazy what some people will do to just get a blaze of glory
Sometimes I feel ashamed about complaining about my life
Then I look at other people’s life & wonder why mine can’t be that nice
I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about certain things
I’m married to the hustle, all I need now is the wedding rings
People still talking greasy like an order full of onion rings
But what did I do to deserve this? The situation is puzzling
People claim I talk shit and various times they may be right
Am I destined to be solitary? Honestly that may be life
The problem is that most of the “bad bitches” aren’t lady like
And I was raised by a single mother, I’ve never seen what love is like
I can’t trip however, even through the trash I still gotta love my life
Because the people throwing the pity party are the ones no one likes
I’m my own worst critic, your criticism doesn’t even compare to mine
God blessed me with the ability to take my thoughts and make it rhyme
I’m working through my issues, this is just updating y’all on the progress.
Perfection can’t be the goal and improvement is a process
Haters are close to unlocking the monster with no Loch Ness
I can’t let myself get too distracted by this nonsense
You think I got it all together, well how about now?
They telling me I got all the juice, I say “show me how?”
I’m liable to spill my guts out like a dude trying to freak a black & mild
But to the people who assumed I fell off, I promise I’ll be here in a while
My life is a rollercoaster no one knows the ups and downs, twists and turns
All the things I been through helped me live and learn
When you’re different than the rest, it takes time to adjust
But the results come slow even when everyone else is in a rush.

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