Calvin (tries) To Explain It All

I don’t fuck with you if you can’t keep it real
Can barely tell time but want to tell how I should feel
Told me I was gonna shock the world like an electric eel
But this world can get slippery like walking on banana peels
The scars are supposed to remind you that the past is real
I been cut open too many times I wonder if I can heal
Don’t compare your blooper reel to someone else’s highlight reel
And you can keep your 2 cents unless you’re putting in for a meal
People taking more shots than that boy Bradley Beal
Did I have a funeral on my watch, people think I have time to kill?
Most of my energy is focused on my bank account
And I don’t have time for you unless you increasing my amount
Man I don’t think that they will ever get it, man forget it
And if the haters are feeling froggy then they can feel free to ribbit
Living life in the fast lane, praying that I don’t get a ticket
I’m trying to be the quarterback of my life but they keep blitzing
They keep telling me to calm down, they want to say I’m tripping
I’m working so hard to try and sustain the way I’m living
Trying to increase me and my mom’s bank account is my only mission
But I sure have been screwed over but all my former misses
And part of me wants to take their indiscretions and say forget it
I don’t fuck with a lot of people to keep it real explicit
People say they miss the old me, they need to get specific
They want so much out of me, they need to get realistic
Oh I think they like me, as long as I provide for them
When I get a new car, they want me to ride for them
They do some stupid shit, they want me to lie for them
But I want the same in return, they refuse to lock it in
I’m grinding all my life and I’m just trying to stay positive
I’m staying super calm, trying to avoid all the obnoxious shit
Salute when you see me, I deserve respect and authority
I keep working and working but yet they demand more of me
Life screws everybody over, its truly a messed up orgy
Women are confusing, they harder to figure out than rubix cubes
They’re sweet but there’s always something missing like a Fruity Loop
Going around and around on this circle like a damn loop de loop
Women want sweet nothings, they have little desire for the real truth
Is she gonna pop? That’s a valid question to ask
We rarely interact with people anymore, we just interact with their mask
Can’t let the transgressions of the first mess up things with my last
You rarely see the present if you’re too busy focused on the past
My word, those are really my words.
I just want someone who’s thirsty for all my nouns and verbs
May not act like it, but I’m part of the hood like the sidewalk curb
And when I die, I want a full page obituary, not just a blurb.
I want to make an impact, have a couple people remember me
People forget that I’m dope, they have a messed up memory
If you say I’m not dope, just know you’re offending me
But your opinions can’t stop what I am meant to be.

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