The Replacements

I think I need a replacement because the past ones ain’t been doing right
I gotta take the shot because if you don’t you already losing right?
We spend too much time arguing who is right? You believe in Cupid right?
But don’t go off selling me dreams, you don’t think I’m stupid right?
In the market for a good girl, a bookworm mixed with a hood girl
A perfect balance, kind of a perfect challenge, do you really I think I should girl?
I know I’m not perfect but I am a better version, I am trying to be a better person
They say money can’t buy you happiness, I’m just looking for a better purchase
I been grinding all my life, I’m just searching for my higher purpose
I’m a young black male who some say is addicted to flirting
Who has a history of messed up relationships that had my pride hurting
There’s women who say they care for me but I can never be quite certain
Ladies if you’re looking for a replacement I volunteer as tribute
People say I’m sweet but then I guess no one has a sweet tooth
To keep it 100, I want you but I will never truly need you
Some people say life is a movie, I need to stop comparing my bloopers to others’ previews
I done lost a lot in my life but I have always managed to go and recoup
Life will land its punches but you can never let it go and beat you
I been friendzoned more times that I prefer to remember if we’re being honest
You get what you can negotiate, don’t just bank on a promise
People telling me that I have potential, that they can see something in me
Something in me? I have a tendency to give my all until there’s nothing in me
And what do I get in return? Nothing, just an empty feeling
Sometimes you go through the nasty stuff to get to the good stuff like bananas peeling
I done fell off, I done bounced back, I done seen money, I done had stacks
I was driving in the fast lane and the girl I was with made me catch a flat
I’m unlucky with women, similar to rolling snake eyes when you’re playing craps
It sucks that something you deem little can mess you up, think LeBron’s cramps
I don’t have a time machine or a time stamp & no matter how I wish I could go back
I can’t take a step backward, too many of my friends won’t be having that
So I’m searching for a replacement, is it wrong I want someone to be thirsty for me?
I never left someone heartbroken, there’s no girls out there hurting for me
Instead I always get the short end of stick, like I’m not tall as fuck
I think my obsession with “bad bitches” manifested itself into some bad luck.
I’ve had girls find religion on me, like I didn’t know I was considered a sin
I had girls who would have been less confusing if they had an evil twin
I had girls who took it so slow, the beginning felt like the end
And I have had 138339 women tell me “Let’s be friends”
So I vacate the scene like the hair did with Ginobli;s bald spot
I’m always down to raise the bar, mix bench press with that club hop
First team all friend zone, three years running, I stand by that fact
I have never witnessed two people in love first hand, not much else to say about that
But I’m working on my foundation, like I’m renovating the basement
A lot of women I dealt with before messed me up, I hope that’s not true for the replacements.

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