Mind For Me

It was literally just good about a week ago
I could yank the bed under them and they’re still sleeping though
Sometimes this world makes me sick like I’m sneezing though
Everyone complains about hunger but who’s eating though?
My ego has been bruised but I’m thankful I’m not bleeding though
No matter what I say, people assume I’m still creeping though
Where you get off saying that my life is easy?
Am I dying for affection? Is the friend zone making me needy?
I’m in love with money but does the love make me greedy?
I don’t trust these women, millennial love life can be seedy
I’m just kicking it in my free time with those I value most
Life can change in a second, keep those that you value close
I’m blessed and cursed to have a bunch of women I can call friends
And the only thing I like to gamble on is myself and I’m all in.
People tell me I deserve someone amazing and I want to believe them
But more often than not, I fall back like hairlines that are receding
And just in case you were wondering, my trust issues are still intact
This life has robbed me of my innocence and I don’t think I’ll get it back
I’m just trying to function and I’m struggling, not really coping
And my dreams always get crushed, is there really point in hoping?
I used to be all about finding the Bae like I was lost in Oakland
I’m liable to brainstorm, I might come up with something thought provoking
But holding in anger can kill you, it might even be worse than smoking
But I’m liable to get on a hot streak and when I start to get rolling
Everything seems clearer, all the good things get set in motion
Then I get on my job like I’m working on a promotion
Tell them I’m back, I’m back to reclaim the throne again
It’s like I owe money, they’re trying to get me alone again
Text messages ain’t buzzing, it’s just me and my dry ass phone again
Trying to make everyone happy, how close are we to clones again?
I can’t even make myself happy how am I gonna do that for someone else?
There are certain things I’m suited for like I’m wearing Sunday’s best
Trying to make myself happy is the start of my new quest
But I’m cooking up something great, adversity can be the best chef
Mentally I have been tormented, I also may have been corrupted
I barely trust anyone even though I may have always been trusted
I’m trying to be honest but honesty rarely gets rewarded
That’s why I keep my personal life personal because everything gets recorded
So I’m still working on myself and I’m definitely a work in progress
And perfection is unrealistic but I still realistically can progress.

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