F*** My Feelings

I admit, I got into my feelings last night for about 25 minutes
Woke up this morning and continued my quest for 25 million
In this cold world people don’t give a fuck about your feelings
I don’t have an icebox where my heart is but for now I’m still chilling
I’m trying not to be petty but I don’t know if I can keep that promise
People want the truth then they crucify you for just being honest
Thought I wanted a good girl now I wonder do they even exist?
It was like opening a present on Christmas & be salty at the gift
Like, damn you got me socks again? I need success like oxygen
I feel like people are watching my every move like white women with Oxygen
I’m blessed because I got some people who are willing to ride for me
Chick had the nerve to try to steal my heart? I’m no longer down for the robbery
I can get a lot of girls’ numbers but finding the right one is like hitting the lottery
God’s molding me into something amazing, gotta be patient with pottery
If I fall off, I have to snapback, something similar to rubberbands
Sometimes you got walk to your own drum, shoutout to the marching band
Women are confusing, I gave up understanding them
Their psyches are fragile, something you need to take care handling
Back against the wall, like Michael Vick I’m scrambling
If I just wanted someone who could dress cute, I’d be better off with a manican
Spend money like a white man but work like a Mexican
Personality rehab, got to get back feeling my best again
I’m always attracted to the girls who have more baggage than southwest
Closed mouths don’t get fed, better say it with your fucking chest
Even though I cuss a lot, I still understand that I’m blessed
Even though I’m blessed do you still understand that I’m stressed?
Expectations keep mounting, the pressure keeps building
My anger keeps rising but you think that I’m chilling
Getting in my emotions won’t help me get millions
Because in the real world they say fuck all your feelings
Play the hand I was dealt? Man fuck all of y’all dealings
My ego has been bruised but I am working on healing
I have a foundation set, I’m just working on building
Once I get out my feelings, I’m gonna make a killing
Let me take a breath now and collect myself
I was on the wrong path now let me correct myself
Because I’m the one responsible for my personal health
Am I still the people’s champ, did I give up the belt?
I’m no longer the mayor, they assume I’m player
My mind is getting sharper, my thoughts are a razor
So fuck my feelings and fuck your feelings
I know I’m vulgar but sometimes being vulgar is healing.

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