The Moment

Life is full of moments but it ain’t a moment until I make it
Life is full of chances but I have no chance until I take it
If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen and get no bacon
I’m one the realist people alive surrounded by people who are faking
I applaud those people who are ok with patiently waiting
Because me? I’ve become somewhat notorious for being impatient
I can stand still but my heart’s still racing and I can’t afford a replacement
I’m just trying to get my foundation, renovating my basement
I got a couple people that happiness I value more than most
This lifestyle makes me burn bread, do I deserve a toast?
One of the generation’s brightest minds, they come to me for quotes
One of the best advice givers, they started coming to me for hope
And I would sell them dreams like I was on the corner selling dope
And at 22, I feel washed up like there is something in the soap
You know what happens when a person’s at the end of their rope?
They start to feel a certain squeezing feeling on their throat
The despair that they feel is something similar to what I have
People assume I’m a Mac but there’s no heart eyes on this iPad
Because I can barely get anyone to respond to my ichats
It’s cold in the winter and I don’t even have an old flame to get back
Sometimes I can’t see my future like my vision has cataracts
It’s getting harder to have feelings, they arrested my cardiac
Cardiac arrest, they taking shots, bullet proof vest
I might not even need it no more, there’s no heart inside my chest
I got an ice box where my heart used to be like Omarion
People think I’m the plug well truthfully, I’m hardly on
We’re all addicted to something, who am I to tell you not to party on?
I’m just looking for someone to lean on like I had two cups of Styrofoam
It ain’t a moment until I make it, it ain’t a moment until I make it
I’m trying to have my cake and eat it too, I want to own a bakery
Shoutout to all my detractors who are still trying and baiting me
Shoutout to my ex’s who made the mistake of not dating me
I may be a little bitter but truthfully I’m a little better
Watch a man while I brain storm, the climate becomes a little wetter
I have no one to vent to so consider this a personal letter
Because against mediocrity, I have a personal vendetta.
The last text message I got, I almost got cussed out
Any hope I have with women usually gets snuffed out
That’s gotta be a sign that I got to focus on myself more
In a slump with these people but we know I ain’t a sophomore
It ain’t a moment until I make it, a living legend in the making
I’m trying to be patient but it is so hard to be patient
Hoping for the best but it’s for the worst that I’m bracing
If being a dreamer is a crime then I won’t ever get off probation
I’m just saying, my personal demons I’m still working on slaying
And I’m not in a position to beg for anyone to be staying
I’m just praying, that I stay grounded throughout the mayhem
And stay ready so that when the chance comes, I can take it.

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