The Gift & The Curse

I have a gift and a curse, but I balance both admirably
It may be the reason some of my ex’s can’t handle me
Call Olivia Pope, these haters trying to scandal me?
They wanna see my stock fall, try to Julius Randle me
I can walk into any establishment like I’m made out of money
Community leaning on me so I’m standing quite funny
And if I ever go broke or if I ran out of money
My pride is so crazy I couldn’t take a handout of money
I guess that right there, is a gift and a curse?
I used to let people drive me crazy like a rental from Hertz
Meanwhile I know that I have been destined since birth
To be the man of the year until I reside in a hearse
I’m confident in myself, another gift and a curse
I’m a cynic, I always assume that things can get worse
Can’t let no one treat me like a yellow starburst
Pride gets in the way of telling you that I’m hurt
Meanwhile some people resign me as just being a flirt
And that right there is another gift and a curse
And while that means kind words can roll off my tongue
She doesn’t take my advances because she’s think I’m talking to everyone
See right there is a gift and curse, I’m also known to be gifted with words
I can twist these similes and metaphors around and have ol’ girl riding my verbs
Instead of sitting in my lap, they’re just riding my nerves
Her body is a gift but our situation is a curse
A lot of people think I have it in the bag but when they let me borrow her purse?
And I’m the type to never admit I’m sad, you’ll have to figure it out first
Yes I understand, another gift and a curse
Life put me through hell but God prepared me first
Used to be selfish, literally me first
Then I took a step back and realized I need work
Some call that self-realization or mediation
I call that, avoiding being a mental patient
I was never the type to fall for intimidation
Watch me brainstorm, prepare for precipitation
I may fail but it can’t be for lack of preparation
I’m out of this world, my new apartment’s a space station
I’m living my life like I got a set of cameras on me
Old best friends turned into abandoned homies
I view the devil as a mob boss and his evil cronies
Doing their best to make me feel like I’m down and lonely
But it’s a gift and a cure to be this stead fast
Getting rid of excess mental weight no slim fast
Living life in the fast lane hoping no one gets hurt
My lifestyle right now is both a gift and a curse

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