Late Nights With Yours Truly II

Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can come together
There’s only a few who have permission to come thru whenever
Without the storms we wouldn’t appreciate the sunny weather
I trust myself to make me rich, I just want some to make me better
My old relationships and friendships are like the lost and found
Some good things happened but that’s not a road I wanna go back down
Could spend all night thinking about the missed opportunities
Or I could laugh at all of my ex’s for losing me
I’m like a late round draft pick because people see potential in me
But they don’t totally buy in, they see more of a rental in me
But the mental in me, has crafted such a mentality
That the man of their dreams? I can turn into reality
Respect a man based off his principles, the superficial should be miniscule
I’m a good kid in a mad city, imagine all the ridicule
Girls used to look at me they way we looked at the Browns, so pitiful
But I had to inspire an awakening, so spiritual
I look at the women I could have had and I have some regret
I look at the women I could have had and realized I’m blessed
Dodged a couple bullets but missed a couple stars
Used to let women drive me crazy like they were my old car.
What’s your obsession huh? What’s your addiction?
When the world makes you sick, what’s your prescription?
Gotta speak out no matter the amount of people listening
Set out an amber alert because I feel like my sanity is missing
Hatred separates people like division, close mindedness is a prison
God knows I ain’t perfect but God knows that I’m forgiven
Gotta forgive those who trespass against me, even my ex women
Gotta be able to trust people, even my next woman
If you want to build something with me, then be my guest woman
If you don’t you could at least introduce me to the next woman
Who am I kidding, I can barely get a text back
Meanwhile uncle sam keeps asking me where my checks at?
Scratch that, I need to invest some money get some scratch back
I’m just looking for the perfect fit like a snap back
It’s crazy how much others can impact your self-confidence
Can fall in love with potential but we gotta live up to the promises
People will try their hardest to hate on you and your accomplishments
Because hatred is easier to admit than astonishment
The only person I need to believe in me is myself
I got asthma, so chasing you and my dreams ain’t good for my health
Matter of fact, it ain’t even good for my wealth
My success will sneak up on you, I won’t apologize for my stealth.

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