4th Quarter

Your perceptions can easily lead to misconceptions
Throw the slander at me, bet it turns into interceptions
They telling me I’m the answer but keep changing the questions
I swear I’m grateful, I’m just gonna keep raking these blessings
Trying to collect this lettuce while others are occupied by dressing
Baby, what’s the truth? Don’t be occupied by flexing
If I ever get a girl, she don’t need to worry about who I’m texting
Trying to learn from my mistakes because mistakes are the best lessons
Never put all your eggs in one basket because if the basket breaks
You’ll be looking like a little kid who spilled his milkshake
Even through the nonsense I deal with, I’m still great
If you just listened to the numbers, you’d think I cheated fate
My ex? Couldn’t think of a female friend that she didn’t hate
My current? Well, I guess her and Casper the friendly ghost can relate
Because neither of them are around especially when I need them
Heart wants me to stay but my pride is pushing me towards leaving
Success is like thanksgiving, I want to make sure all my people eating
The light at the end of the tunnel I’m looking for that beacon
I still need to talk to God more often, I heard that from my deacon
My grandmother’s honestly in a condition in where I don’t feel like seeing
And I know that’s messed up because of all that she has done
But at least she was alive for graduation, she got to see that battle being won
We talking about shooting stars? Did y’all equip me with a gun?
I can tell I’m getting older, the club seems like less and less fun
Chase after you? Girl, I got asthma there’s a limit for how long I’ll run
Working all night so the day I’m looking for can finally come
How much would you sacrifice for a chance to roll the dice?
They say life is a gamble, but what if you could roll it twice?
What if I told you the dice was loaded then how much would you give up?
We talking the type of money to make even Mayweather sit up
And everybody plays the game but be prepared for the switch up
And when you become the plug be prepared for everyone to kiss up
Shoutout to everyone who held me down, they all deserve some big ups
Because this life hasn’t been smooth sailing, I done had a couple hiccups
There’s a couple things I’ll never tell anyone that’s affected my mental
And girl if you’re gonna drive me crazy, you can at least compensate with a rental
Like hertz or something, tired of placing females on a perch or something
Catching feelings? Quickest way to get hurt or something
My plan is coming together, I told y’all that I’m working something
I deserve to be compensated, I’m not putting in this work for nothing.

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