Life is a game where no one goes undefeated
So I can’t let the losses have me permanently defeated
I got an addiction, it’s success that I’m needing
Yeah my ego’s been bruised but you won’t know that I’m bleeding
I keep a lot of things to myself, it’s better that way
Throwing shade won’t get you money, no cheddar that way
Can’t worry about my old flames, gotta forget her that way
They say I need to chill out, then throw a sweater my way
My life has more ups and downs than the rides at Kings Island
If actions speak louder than words then you’re conspicuously silent
I may not be perfect, that never stopped me from trying
Only 2 people love me to death, sucks to see one of them dying.
I can venture into a dark place if I’m left unchecked
Grinding for a million dollars, embracing the quest
I can give it my all, promise to give you my best
People taking shots, good thing I got a bulletproof vest
Got to be more careful, can’t succumb to all this stress
Even though I’m going through it, I’m constantly blessed
Mentally I’m trying not to be overcome but I’m still a mess
These dudes are playing checkers, I’ve upgraded to chess
Most of the time I got it right, I probably guessed
Don’t necessarily feel home anywhere but more like a guest
People make me sick sometimes, I liken them to strep
I’m addicted to the wrong women, I might need 12 steps
I’m not tip toeing in jordans, it’s drama they’re exporting
I’m so old school, I might mess around and call dating, courting
Everyone has to eat, we all fighting for portions
I know my life is a bitch, at least it better be gorgeous
My money and my religion are the only things that are important
Don’t mess with my money, I don’t do well with extortion
I find it offensive if you ever try to play with my emotions
They used to call me the mayor & I didn’t participate in voting
I could spend my whole life just wishing and hoping
I’m just trying to ride the waves, surfboard in the ocean
I’m tired of love, don’t offer me no potion
Don’t mistake my words, please get it right when you’re quoting.
Lois Lane got Superman in trouble a couple of times
I’ll steal a chicks heart and hold it for ransom, live for the crime
And things may change but we still obsess over dimes
And the only thing worse than wasted money is wasted time
Throwing shade at me still isn’t impacting my shine
Writing these pieces is like crack, addicted to every line
Preparing for all the repercussions of my introductions
Married to the money, that makes me and success like first cousins
Obsessed with success because I have nothing else to channel it
And once I have a taste, it’s simply not enough to sample it.

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