Superhero Complex

I wonder woman how tiring is it being wonder woman?
You got an appetite for love, anyone satisfy your hunger woman?
And you know me, always focused on some other woman
Tired of being superman, pulling out the cape for another woman
What’s your kryptonite? Being alone in your crib tonight?
I know how your ex left you, you open to trying to make it right?
What’s the point in trying to save the world if you can’t save yourself?
Walking around with a broken heart isn’t good for anyone’s health
You focused on everyone else, but who’s focused on you?
Down and out for so long, I’m willing to take a risk, what else I gotta lose?
People place their burdens on me and I always accept it
Then I end up stretching myself too thin and I always regret it
I paid the cost to be the boss, my dues has been collected
I know it hurts to place your trust in someone and still be rejected
I wonder woman, do you have anyone to put your trust in woman?
You know black people hate police, I was told not be to cuffing woman
Infatuation can hurt, that’s why they call it crushing woman
I believe in myself, so don’t say I believe in nothing woman
I ain’t gonna lie I been struggling lately
All the bullshit in the world can drive a man crazy
Been focused too much on trying to find my “baby”
Self-validation shouldn’t come from who’s trying to date me
I know superman is perfect but your boy here got flaws
Your boy got a cellphone and not too many people call
Unless they need something then my phone lights up like Christmas
They say love’s a game then I’m what the game’s been missing
You’re used to dealing with immaturity, mentally they’re children
It could hurt to fall for someone, you gon’ catch me if I’m slipping?
Please let me know, please let me know
I’m drowning in my work load but you can help me float
When the world comes crashing down, I’ll help you cope.
And lady I been through fire, that’s why I smell like smoke
What’s superman without Lois Lane to serve as motivation?
I know we both work hard, we might deserve a long vacation
Great things take time to build, we must remember to use patience
But I think you’re out of this world, do I need to rent a spaceship?
Superhero complex, we’re both tired of saving the world
But when you’re down and out, all alone, who’s gonna save you girl?
And when I had a long day and don’t think I can take another
I’ll step out the booth, you’ll put on your cape & we’ll try to save each other.

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