Progress Report

Life isn’t a fairy tale, you aren’t guaranteed a happy ending
When something ends, you’re only promised a new beginning
Trying to stack the deck to increase my odds of winning
Not a soldier but being successful is my only mission
Certain things take time to get like long division
Another thing to add to that list is adult women
Most relationships don’t go anywhere like virgins kissing
There’s plenty of fish in the sea? I must suck at fishing
People don’t look at me and assume that I’m tripping
I guess hiding my issues have become second nature
And I’m not weird, I’m just a limited edition
But even still, certain people still gonna hate ya
But hatred has levels, and everyone has devils
You can drive anyone crazy, just need to figure out the pedals
People rarely get the flowers while they can smell the petals
Your girl thinks I rock, but we aren’t talking heavy metal
And I thank her, I’m honored by the compliment
Living in the fast lane, I’m daring them to catch up, no condiments
Me and you aren’t on the same page, book or even continent
And you carry yourself a little differently when you have self-confidence
Don’t let people tear down your castle walls unless they building something better
They’re treating me like King, there’s still room for a Coretta
People still taking shots, they’re loading up their Baretta
People trying to rat me out but aren’t focused on their cheddar
Isn’t that ironic? I’m two steps away from iconic
I surround myself by dope people, my friends leave me astonished
I’m a diamond in the rough, I’m still working on my polish
I admit, I don’t know shit, still working on my knowledge
I’m a work of art and also a work in progress
Trying to quantify the progress is an extremely slow process
Lived in the oxford bubble, the real world went and popped it
And you walk a little different when you got some money in your pocket
Be careful in searching for validation from the wrong sources
This world can eat you alive, don’t be one of the main courses
God, grant be the discernment to know what is important
Got an appetite for love, trying to just control my portions
The life is ugly but some of the people are truly gorgeous
The hatred can consume you, you just gotta choose to ignore it
Success I got to mirror it, mimic it, trace the steps
People showing me love and I haven’t even made it yet
Ice box where my heart used to be, you try skating yet?
Corporate lifestyle, where is the point you hate it yet?
Working for myself, want to avoid working for others
The girls who say you’re overrated always end up undercover
Don’t lead me on, but I’m a man and I have my own needs
Love’s apparently free but someone is reaping in the proceeds
My life is like a rollercoaster, all the twists and turns
Every day presents a lesson, some new shit I have to learn

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