Live From My iPhone

When I have some shit to get off my chest I go to these poems
I’m volatile; honestly sometimes I be zoning
Niggas calling me about their opinions so the effort I phone in
People have acquired their target, now they’re sending the drones in
It’s hard for me to really trust most people.
Because I been lied to by most people
So I don’t compare life’s because I ain’t equal
One life to live, with no sequels.
Protect yourself at all times like a boxing match
Life can hit you in the chest like a heart attack
Been trying to kick it with this girl like a soccer match
Some of these girls crazier than Nicki on the “Monster” track.
I need somebody to show me a sign; no zodiac. 
One more shot to the heart and I’m losing it; weak cardiac.
Never got along with people pretending to be the hardest cats
They only saw half my vision, with no eye patch
I’ve always felt doubted, even when people were cheering me.
Sometimes felt alone no matter how much you got near to me.
Trying to figure out who exactly in my life is dear to me
Young, Black & Gifted. Society is fearing me.
No handcuffs but sometimes I still feel chained due to my past.
Feeling the repercussions I have also been changed due to my past
Got a bruised ego but an evolving brain due to my past.
Now I’m staying in my lane due to my past.
I hate feeling vulnerable. That shit kinda annoys me
They say love is war; ain’t nobody tryna deploy me.
And truthfully that may have been for the best, I’m a mess
And I may not be equipped to deal with all the stress; no regrets. 
People talking shit that they can’t back up; no cashed checks.
People tryna fuck me over but I have no interest in bad sex.
Afraid that I’m gonna be stuck in a rut with a job I dislike.
Marriage ain’t even a year old and I’m already annoyed by my wife
Afraid to fall off, gotta be as sharp as a knife.
Should I fully commit? My history got me thinking twice. 
We overvalue the material things then say love is priceless. 
Do hella dirt then we expect to end up on Santa’s nice list.
I’m writing this on the keyboard of my iPhone 4s.
I lost all my desire to fabricate lies as to flex.
Some people stay with people who treat em like dogs, with no vet.
Scared to give up good because they don’t think they can get best.
To all those sleeping on me, awaken from your rest.
In order to spread your wings you have to leave the nest
I told my momma for a while now that I’m destined to be the best.
And my whole community keeps telling me I’m next.
I could let the pressure get to me; break me down, make the crumble
But God puts you thru storms just to make sure you’re humble.
So I’m humble and I’m ready for whatever life presents me.
You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take – Wayne Gretzky. 

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