The World is Watching

The revolution won’t be televised
But it may be tweeted and instagrammed
What you gonna do when shit hits the fan?
They comparing the police to the Ku Klux Klan
People want to blame shit on sagging pants
In almost 60 years, how much have we advanced?
Never wanna grow up like Peter Pan?
What you gonna do when homeboy get jammed?
Got to stay on the motivation
People messing up, ain’t too much communication
324 Cleveland third graders messed up their education
Seems like their home life needs a serious renovation
400 years of slavery, still haven’t seen a reparation
NYPD refused Eric Garner a chance for respiration
Seems like they got us marked and ready for expiration
Well, sorry to burst your bubble but we plan on staying
This poem isn’t just for Michael Brown
But all the Michael Browns that came before
He’s not the only unarmed person to be gunned down
Renisha McBride got killed for knocking on someone’s door
Trayvon got killed because of skittles and a hoodie
And we watched as the jury acquitted the murderous bully
George Zimmerman will now live in infamy
And Sean Bell got shot at 50 times, you kidding me?
You got your Oscar Grants, and your Emmitt Till’s
The revolution won’t be televised? But it’s so damn real
Maybe this is the breaking point, or at least I hope so
Hell, Rodney King was getting beaten down in slow mo!
But that’s the past. The pressure and future are now
Use our spending power, we’re America’s cash cow
Boycott the companies you don’t believe in
Our trust in government is like Lebron’s hairline, still receding.
Put the act in activism, don’t just stop at tweeting.
The revolution may not be televised but we’re still not leaving.
Change only comes when you give the people no other option
Get ready for your close up, the whole world is watching.

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