The Wake Up

My whole lifestyle is still under construction
If my life’s a movie, we’re not done with production
My name still coming up in people’s discussion
The people who doubted me still aren’t saying nothing
I know that isn’t correct English, but feel this
I used to be down and out, lady luck wouldn’t blow a kiss
My comeback story so unbelievable that if it was a script
They’d throw it in your face & ask for something more realistic
I barely sleep so the car of my dreams, I may have missed it
Swinging for the fences but a couple times I’ve had a mishit
It’s funny how young black businesspeople came out of my gang of misfits
It’s like I have the remote the way I muted a bunch of critics
People still don’t understand that I know the game
I ain’t patient, there’ll be an accident if you’re in my lane
Even if the car’s totaled, I wonder how much these scars total
What’s worse? The pain, the hangover, or the bar total?
I don’t drink away the pain, I got other outlets
Everyone wants to use me as the plug, find another outlet
I’m slightly thrown off, I’m a little offset
Everyone wants to be the boss but can’t afford the cost yet
I think about women too much, I can admit that
All the ones that did me wrong, I have no desire to get back
Success speaks louder than words so my plan is
Keep succeeding while all of their “boyfriends” vanish.
That’s less petty, no need to incur bad karma
You reap what you sow, not my fault they’re bad farmers
It’s funny how people give you a different level of respect
When you’re doing something for a consistent paycheck
All legal too, I have no interest in dirty money
I have seeing my friends still have to hurt for money
I know that I’ll have enough working money
When I can enable my friends to work for money
People were sleeping on me, hope the bed was comfortable
They were pushing me to the Cliff like I was a Huxatable
Was made fun of because I had free and reduced lunch tickets
At 16, I didn’t have a car, I had a bunch of bus tickets
Certain people always saw potential in me
While other people saw my situation and started penclin’ me
As the next delinquent child of a single black mother
They saw how it played out, they thought I’d be like the others
But they didn’t make God or myself aware of that memo
I avoid discussing my upbringing, might get too sentimental
Being poor used to drive my family crazy, no Kia Sorento
But that thought process was years ago, a mental memento
Got distant with old best friends while old enemies tried to make amends
I’m trying to make more history, not necessarily more friends
Besides, all of my current friends starting to get their cake up now
And all those who were sleeping on us, better wake up now.

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