Baggage Claim

Most of my baggage comes from dealing with girls with baggage
Women who aren’t used to dealing with men above average
Conversely, I ain’t used to dealing with women above average
So when it comes to trust issues, I guess we both have it
But we can make things happen, we’re both magic
If you aren’t authentic, we won’t work, no plastic
People stretching the truth like it’s elastic
The point of no return, have we passed it?
At the airline, the more baggage you have, the more you pay
There’s a cost in taking the past into the present day
So unless you wanna come up with those dollars out your pocket?
My suggestion is that you collect your baggage and drop it
Because I’m not the type to chase after you for too long
I got asthma, plus my fallback game is too strong
Sleep on me if you want to, I might give you a futon
I’m worried about getting this bread, collecting all these croutons
Speak negativity in the air? Come on, that’s like pollution
Your words aren’t adding up so you aren’t looking for solutions
I used to throw pity parties but I stopped sending out invitations
Looking at people less fortunate makes me embrace my limitations
See, you speak things into existence and watch it work out
Haters gonna hate, just bless ‘em, they’ll expect to get cursed out
I can’t tell you all the nonsense I done heard now, people place their burdens on me
I guess because I got it all together, people place their worries on me
I bounce back and forth between wanting to share everything with someone
And retreating into my trust issues and sharing nothing with anyone
Holding bitterness in your heart is like, I learned
Holding a hot rock & throwing it at someone, you get burned
And doesn’t carrying that extra luggage, each and every single day
Doesn’t it frustrate you? Isn’t it constantly getting in your way?
Isn’t it making you tired? That extra weight can’t be good for your health
You been around so much toxic stuff, you not sure you’re good for yourself
But I’m here to let you in on a secret, your own worst enemy is you
Believe in yourself & work hard & you can make everything come true
Life isn’t a storybook ending, it wasn’t written by Dr. Seuss
But you got the power to make it happen, not your ex’s, you.
I’m not saying I’m the next one, or that I’m even the best one
But opportunities don’t knock forever, doesn’t make sense to reject one.

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