Triple Option

One of my favorite plays in football is the triple option
Because it’s the perfect counter to all the of defensive plotting
Make them show their hand then go with the misdirection
Option reduces risk, less chance for an interception
But in life, the more options you have just increases guessing
That goes hand in hand with everyone’s increase of flexing
Flex their option like we’re playing ball at Oregon
Girl, you got options. I know some of them you be ignoring
Niggas don’t excite you, they’re tired lines be boring
Text ‘em goodnight at 6pm, they supposed to believe you’re snoring?
You ain’t slick, matter of fact you ain’t shit
I know you got options, you just figuring which one to pick
I’m not feigning innocence, I know what the business is
You run outta options? You do something to replenish it
If you start something, I’mma do my best to finish it
There’s rumors about me? I do my best to diminish it
I’m ignorant, the hunger games in my mental shit
Paying off these loans, I needed another scholarship
Good options are rare, you find something? You polish it
But you can’t have contingency plans and expect to be monogamous
We’re told to always have a plan B in everything except relations
That will get you tangled like a dread from a damn Jamaican
Everyone’s searching for that one, but are you patient?
Don’t expect to destroy my life like Katrina, you ain’t Cajun
In every relationship there’s always someone that does the chasing
But get yourself in order, people can’t spend the night in Momma’s basement
I abandoned the old way of thinking like I found a spaceship
A space shuttle to take me away from all of my troubles
Been through so much bullshit, I need a stunt double
At points, I was close to the cliff; no Mrs. Huxtable
Girl, are you comfortable? I know you got options, I’m not even stupid
If you taking shots at me, you better be cupid. If I invest in you, I better recoup it.
Otherwise? It’s back to recruiting.
If you ain’t got no blue chip prospects, you’re bound to be losing.

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