Modern Warfare

I hate catching feelings, it honestly kinda annoys me
They say love is war, who’s out there tryna deploy me
Working out my issues, working out the kinks
Talking through my thoughts, trying out some shrinks
Love is a game, but no one’s playing for keeps
Keep my business private, don’t want it in the streets
Ye said we’re the new slaves, slaves to industry
We’re all somewhat sheep, but with no little bo peep
Because I’m a guy, they assume that I creep
Don’t wanna fall in love, not sure I can make the leap
Love don’t cost a thing? You sure? I got my receipts
Shoutout to my ex’s, shoutout to their deceit
Shoutout to my next chick, whoever she may be
May our problems be for only us to see
People out on twitter, begging for retweets
It’s a dog eat dog world and I’m trying eat
Girl of my dreams? I can barely fall asleep
Neither one of us got the answers, are we bound to cheat?
Keep your guard up at all times, boxing taught me that
A couple women did me wrong, I could never take ‘em back
So many female friends that if a bad break up did occur
I wouldn’t feel bad for myself but more for her
Corporate America got my life moving in such a blur
This menial issues still keep grating on my nerves
Show me some passion, it’s ok to admit that you’re a nerd
I’m liable to leave if I feel like I’ma get kicked to the curb
Don’t want to feel too thirsty, please match my effort
Tactical strategies, got me second guessing
My life is still good, man let me count my blessings
Do you fit in my life? Let me check dimensions
This world makes me sick, are you my prescription?
You think you can handle me in my condition?
We’re all just searching for someone there to listen
If love is war, can someone complete the mission?
You’re hard to get, you’re kinda like long division
Where I come from, trust is earned, not simply given
Guerilla warfare, people can come in your life quick
Catching feelings hurt, I’d rather be hit with a night stick
I stay on my job, I even cover the night shift
Will I still shine bright even when the light shifts?
When you’re the type of person that comes through in the clutch
It’s often hard to find some people you can actually trust
When people often place their burdens and cares on you
It makes you believe that you don’t have the choice to lose
And I carry that mindset, I have now for some years
Your boy’s becoming a man, coming of age is here
All’s fair in love and war, but nothing’s really fair
But if love is war, then this is modern warfare.

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One Response to Modern Warfare

  1. TheCatssMeoww says:

    Is it sad I thought this was going to be about Call of Duty? I did like what I read though.

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