Late Nights with Yours Truly…

Bad decisions, good intentions, ain’t that the story goes
Feel like everyone’s watching me like their favorite TV show
On the road to success but who knew that the path would be this slow
Right now, it’s 1st and 10 but I’m a ways away from the goal
Looking at the younger me, I don’t know why I wasted time on these hoes
I always wanted to shine but I based it all on clothes
Needed to harness my energy, focused way too much on foes
Thankful for the storms in my life because rain helps things grow
Had a cold heart for a while like the shit was made of snow
Dealt with a whole lot of bullshit that you couldn’t blame me for
Kept things in, eventually I almost blew up like C4
I had a couple mental issues that you’ll probably never know
Once I separated from old best friends I started to achieve
But I miss them from time to time, I wonder do they miss me?
Trying to be where I forgive EVERYONE who dissed me
I’m not there yet, but in a couple years? We’ll see
My whole life feels like a paradox, on one hand I’m doubted
On the other, everyone expects me to come through in the clutch like Kobe
I know that didn’t rhyme but that situation made me lonely
To cope with that, I treated actual feelings like they were phony
I still stress too much, now I just stress over different shit
Instead of grades and test scores, it’s maintaining relationships
I got friends all across the world, I can easily be on some travel shit
But no one close to me, I’m the last one on the battle ship
Life sent me down shit’s creek but I still found a way to paddle it
Beating the odds is the fight of my life but watch me battle it
I know I was supposed to be working on toning down the curse words
And I’m working on that but I have other goals to work for
I want to live in a society where we don’t overuse shit like Tom Ford
You don’t even get 15 minutes of fame, it’s more like 4
All’s fair in love in war? Now it’s really like a sport.
Got talent like King James? Now you really holding court
We treat relationships like rosters, hope they fit under the salary cap
But tradeoffs aren’t always equal just cause the salaries match
If a girl ever wins my heart, I might want a rematch
Because if she’s the right one, she’ll never let me have it back.
But I learned if you focus on relationships, you’ll never find one
Even a broken clock’s right twice so I know my time will come
I’m almost down for whatever as long as the outcome is income
I want everything I feel like I earned, and then some
Is it better to be underpaid or overrated?
Why are some of y’all so full of shit, y’all constipated?
Because while y’all were drunk in love, I stayed sober
Because what’s worse? The pain or the hangover?
Just a couple thoughts that danced across my happy brain
Then caused me to take a trip down memory lane
There are more drugs than ones that travel through your veins
You either get better or get worse, you never stay the same.

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