Let’s Roll the Dice

They tell me to open up more and give some insight of what’s going on
I swear my life is like a rollercoaster and right now I’m just holding on
They tell me to suck it up and solider on and I continue to do just that
But life is a road that I’m using the shoulder on, I pray that I don’t crash
You want me to share with you all of my fears?
One is falling for someone that isn’t right here
They say a quarter life crisis is bound to come near
I swear I’d be an alcoholic if I liked the taste of beer
They say life is all about trying to face your fears
And she’s the best girl I met in the last couple of years
When I think about the last couple I was a part of
That’s one of the reasons that I gotta keep my guard up
There’s some damn good actors, give some applause up
Am I just a bad man or is it just bad luck?
Good girls can disappear in thin air like stardust
I wish they were on every damn corner like a motherfuckin’ Starbucks
I guess it’s safe to say, I kinda got a big crush
But not everyone knows it, not a fan of sharing that stuff
Trying to figure what she brings to the table like a potluck
Gotta confirm that before more feelings pop up
Damn, I know if we were closer, things would end up a whole lot different
Unfortunately the location I’m in right now, I’ll be there for a minute
But I’m willing to make something work as long as someone’s willing to work with me
Life in the fast lane driving 150, trying to make sure success is stuck with me
Otherwise I need a girl like I need a bad kidney
I just want someone who’s good in public but doesn’t mind getting bad with me
I know that’s corny and cliché
But too many girls have turned on me like Denzel in training day
Cupid’s shot can’t be blocked like Nowitski’s fade away
Girl, show me you want me, hit me first every couple days
You gotta choice though, take the heat or take the shade
In my book, are you a main character or just mentioned for a page?
I understand everything has a stage
And if this doesn’t work out, I won’t be in a rage
I apologize if I don’t text you as much as you’d like
Let me know if any of this doesn’t feel right.
This type of warfare is rarely a fair fight
Love don’t cost a thing? Is that the right price?
And I’m not saying I’m in love, understand that alright?
But I’m willing to take the gamble so let’s roll the dice

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