The Art of Letting Go

The art of letting go is such a crazy concept

On top of my game, that’s such a crazy conquest

If this is a game of chess then I’m looking at a pawn set

No SPKNG but people stay coming at my crew’s neck

You can’t make everyone happy, so why try?

People will be mad whether you tell the truth or lie

Every actions requires another overreaction

I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve, not into that fashion

Got to cover up what you really feel now a days

And people think they know you just off your twitter page

Your tweets? You really don’t live that shit

Where’s Nev at? Your whole personality is catfish.

But, it is what it is.

They say I’m the man now, started off as a kid

Mom stills calls me her baby but she deserves the crib

Noticed for my height, always destined to do it big

The pressure almost got to me, a couple of times

Sometimes I don’t know what to say unless I put it in rhymes

There’s not one person in the world who knows what’s on my mind

They don’t know the whole story, they just get parts of glory

And the truth can get ugly, actually it can get gory

Time for the boy to meet the world, it’s like my name Cory

Still looking for a Topanga but got to put it on the back burner

If my life is a book, I’m just hoping it’s a page turner

Sorry to the people I hurt, until I find Bae I’ma flirt

I associate myself with busy people, we all putting in work

My life? A summation of a gift and a curse

The art of letting go, holding onto things is much worse.

Just because you want something, doesn’t mean you need it

Just because you ask for blessings, doesn’t guarantee you receive it

Let go of that hurt, it’s not doing shit for you productively

It’s like having a bad kid that ain’t yours & still fighting for custody

I ask for it but I could never make one person trust in me

The relationship is beautiful but when it turns, it gets ugly

Building brick walls just to keep people away

Also suggests that you don’t want anyone around you to stay

Life is the only game that everyone is entitled to play

Meanwhile some people are better actors than Tiny Fey

But if you leave yourself open, showing all your emotions

It can turn poisonous, like you ingested a dark potion

There isn’t a perfect option, it’s either be closed off

Or be emotionally vulnerable, naked but with no clothes off

I’m still walking that fine line between trusting and trust issues

Momma taught me not to cry, we ain’t even keep around tissues

The art of letting go is such a hard art to master

Living life in the fast lane & it keeps going faster

Shoutout to all the people who are still mad at me

Your hatred won’t affect me, I plan on being happy.

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