For the Love of Money

For the love of the money, money is the motive

Real niggas are rare, better hope you hit your quota

Because who’s gonna be there when it pop off like soda?

And because my feelings are remote, it’s easier to control her

It’s easier to console her, telling her everything she wants to hear

While my past creeps on me in my rear view mirror

You might need some Windex in order to see it clearer

My demons may be closer than they appear

Sometimes I look in the mirror to face my fears

Fears that I’m inadequate, pity party? No longer having it

Low money like Cam Newton, I was scrambling

There ain’t no room for love, my heart’s like the Hampton Inn

They say I talk about women too much and that may be true

I’m like the Columbus Blue Jackets, I always got to play it cool

But I’ll be damned if she plays me because I refuse to play the fool

But you got to play the angles right like you’re playing pool

Started my career today, but the old passions still ain’t wash away

Saw my life flash before my eyes but that wasn’t in the plot today

Thankful that God saw reason to keep me up on the stage

If my life was a book, we’re racing to read the next page

Unsure of where the story will end up

Baby, I heard you looking for a good guy, these dudes got you fed up

Well, if I told you I was a special delivery like some FedEx

Would that make your heart stop? Would you need a medic?

Man, at this point, I’m just saying what comes to my head

Men, at this point, be careful who you invite into bed

Before you miss the point like pencils with no lead

Before things get messy like a sandwich with no bread

People used to make fun of me when I was poor with no bread

Now I’m on the come up, high school haters have now shut up

People waiting on my downfall, praying for me to fuck up

This right here was God’s work, no need to get my luck up

They say the love of money is the root of all evil

But it’s the same damn money that makes ‘em view me as equal

The paper that we chase, I want it all plus the rebate

Chasing my dreams so long, I done cramped up, got a foot ache

Being a young black man, I already get judged and criticized

The majority don’t understand therefore they can’t emphasize

Money won’t make them view me different but it can incentivize

I guess I think about money much more than I realize

I got to find the balance between working too hard and not enough

I know sacrifices must be made, I understand it’s gonna be tough

But I hit rock bottom once before, now I’m on the come up

I’m going to be successful, don’t believe me? Call my bluff.

They say money talks well my language skills are getting better

People still throwing shade, guess their hating skills are getting better

Is this the calm before the storm because the skies are getting darker?

But my future’s getting brighter, I guess hating on me is getting harder.

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