The End of Cuffing Season

You know that cuffing season’s over right?

Once those study days turned into hot tub nights

If your bae’s still there, then I applaud you

But there’s a reason that the number one song says these heauxs ain’t loyal

These girls ain’t loyal, these thots ain’t royal

All this warm weather, emotions are bound to boil

You reap what you sew, are you working on your soil?

She’s so wound up, she’s like a faulty coil

In relationships, the person who cares the less has the most power

Doing dirt that couldn’t be cleaned with the worst shower

Falling in love is dangerous, got to be careful with it

Love isn’t PG-13, the shit is so explicit

Girls looking to have their ride pimped like they’re Xzibit

Cuffing season is over but people can’t mind their business

Summer time is here, people looking to mine their riches

Their relationship in the winter? They’re like forget it

Going to pool parties but never step foot in the water

Blowing up their DM’s? Player don’t even bother

The weather’s warming up, the clothes getting smaller

Post a pic to Instagram, make me wanna call her

But I don’t call her, can’t be looking too thirsty

Summer day party, end up wasted by like 2:30

The game’s ruthless, be careful what you text her man

End up screenshotted as “thirsty nigga” on Instagram

It will have your head spinning like a ceiling fan

Hearts broke? Trying to use the summer for some healing man?

Some of these girls don’t have boyfriends because they don’t deserve ‘em

There’s too much chatter around your name for me to believe you’re a virgin

Too clingy, too crazy, please don’t date me

Looks won’t get you everything, don’t be lazy

What else you got to offer besides a bikini body?

What are your motives besides free drinks at the party?

You a model huh? On twitter you got your booking info?

Let’s be real huh, what could they be booking you for?

How many likes does it take to be satisfied?

Satisfaction from IG got to be the saddest lie

The game is dirty, better pray these people get sanitized

Too many rumors, which ones deserve to be summarized

People always asking questions like who you dating now?

Who got the juice and which person is hating now?

Girls trying to get a tan, got ‘em sizzling like bacon now

They still sleep on me, hopefully they awaken now

For some, what they do in the summer is a mystery

But there ain’t a button that can clear your sexual history

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