Girls Love Beyonce, And What Else?

They say girls love Beyoncé, girls love calling these problems

Only has faithful as their options, stealing hearts, call it robbing

Tired of saving these girls, I am neither Batman nor Robin

They get on the first things that’s popping, involved in more gangbangs than Compton

Therefore I’m afraid of commitment, not because of my own actions

Because when I like someone, something always has to happen

But I keep talking that shit just to relish the moment

My heart is a prized possession, it should be an honor to hold it

I’m on a path to greatness, who wants to help me mold it?

I’m still grinding on my own, who’s trying to help me focus?

Lifestyle of the rich and famous, I dealt with the young and brainless

Drag my name through the mud, I bet I come up stainless

If there’s a chance, you’d be a fool not to take it

If you give me your heart, I’d be a fool to go and break it

But other people has done foolish things before, that ain’t new

But this heartless person you portray? That ain’t you

Being hopelessly infatuated? That ain’t cool

They try to assassinate my character, I survived but my ego’s bruised

Rumble young man, rumble. Stumble, young man, stumble

They’d love to see you crumble, stick to the fight remain humble

It’s hard to stick to the script when the actors keep changing

I could create an art gallery with all the verbal pictures I’m painting

I could have a starting 5 with all the women I’m “dating”

And with all the cake I’m about to get, you’d swear I’m baking

Even when I’m honest, people swear I’m faking

With all the bullshit I went through, I swear I’m patient

And that includes women, I’m a rarity, I listen

But I’ll never let my sanity ever go missing

See, I’m working on myself, being a better Christian

Working on my finances, trying to create a better mission

Girls love Beyoncé and I’m a fan of Jay Z

If girls love Beyoncé, they start to think they can replace me

Start saying shit like to the left to the left

Looking at my past relationships with a whole bunch of regrets

Looking at past relationships like, thanks for the stress

My professional life was cool, personal life was a mess

Any girl I’m interested in, I’m tryna give her the best

People taking shots, I just bought a bulletproof vest

There’s a lot of outside issues, a lot of complications

It’s just a simple observation, we don’t have time to be patient

Which is a damn shame, I’m out here doing the damn thing

I can’t fly out no one, I can’t afford tickets to no damn plane

Love is some bullshit, but when it works, it’s wonderful

But when it doesn’t work, the nonsense can be unmerciful

So that leaves all of us with a decision to make

Do we risk it all, praying that the commitment don’t break?

Ain’t that a conundrum that we all got to figure out?

I wonder if Beyoncé got that in her lyrics to talk about?

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