Empire Building 101

I try not to rush things because patience is a virtue

Girls tweeting “niggas aint shit”, I’m just like “who hurt you?”

We got trust issues now a days, listening to too many Drake verses

Females can’t afford to pay attention but somehow still have the latest purses

And I’m not that much better, my focus is all over the place

It’s hard to pick one thing to focus on when everything is all in my face

The lifestyle of being a young OG, I ain’t choose this life it chose me

Sometimes I want to treat a woman old school like my name was Kool Moe Dee

My goal is to hustle hard until I’m no longer required to show ID

Social capital is a real thing, got to make sure people know about me

Not the bad things, but the good things, go to my city make the hood change

All these dreams got me sounding like Superman, but where’s my Lois Lane?

Two heads are better than one, two incomes are better than one

When you meet, you have separate beds but certain things are better in one

So, back to me, I’m a young black man who just earned a college degree

So, now it’s time to look at my future, and what exactly do I see?

I see a full-time job that starts in June, my own place coming soon

My path to the top starts now, haters better give me room!

But I don’t want to just focus on the present, got to look to the future

If I already laid claim to being a King, where’s the Coretta to my Martin Luther?

I’m into power couples, take the investment and make it double

Who knows the numbers to call, if either one of us get in trouble

But it’s a cold world out here, but someone is bursting bubbles

The future royalty won’t pay attention if you look like struggle

So I got to focus on making myself the best me that I can

And ladies it’s ok to be independent without hollering, “I don’t need a man!”

Because no one wants to willingly go at it alone

And you claiming you miss me but you won’t pick up the phone

See, that pride will get you hurt, have you acting really foolish

See, I’m damn good by myself but the right person can turn it into a movement

But in order to get the right person, you gotta go through some wrong ones

Got to dismiss the weak candidates to make room for the strong ones

An empire wasn’t built in one day and one night

It takes time, I remind myself of this when I don’t feel right

It takes time, the scars remind me that the past might not heal right

The weight of the world’s on me, I’ll rejoice when it feels light

Be careful of the company you keep, your friends and your foes

Always wanting to kick it but still distractions from your goals

I just need a good girl to keep me distracted from these hoes

I’m afraid to move to Miami, she might be distracted by those pros

My friends are taking their talents everywhere, including south beach

She runs through my mind all day like she’s an athlete

It’s ok to have drive but your position has to be adequate

Because if you try to drive from the backseat, I ain’t having it

This is Empire Building 101, 201 is gonna be offered in the fall

Certain people who were down on me are now wondering why I don’t call

I came, I saw, I conquered

Wishing me and bae could see the future us at the Bey & Jay concert

But, I got to find her first, but I don’t mind putting in the work

A diamond in a rough, diamond in the dirt, shoutout to those who had me first.

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