The Victory Lap

Lifestyles of the young, black and the finally graduated

Looking back on my life, didn’t think I’d make it

Actually, I haven’t made it yet, just another stepping stone.

Success dripping off me like a melted ice cream cone

Mom told me, if I get a degree I’m officially grown

Ex love interests suddenly blowing up my phone

I can’t help it, I hit ‘em back because they sure look bad

After all the things I been through, surprised I didn’t spaz

Rest in Peace to my grandfather, I know you’re watching.

Momma taught me that success was my only option

So I had to do what I did, to get what I got.

People been hating on me ever since “This Is Why I’m Hot”

But I digress, stress is the devil’s playground

This ain’t no board game, me and my people don’t play around

I share the wealth but only with those that starved with me

With those who had the broken down cars with me

If life’s a movie, I still need someone to star with me

Someone who’s down for both our bank accounts to enlarge quickly

Is that wishful thinking? Too much Drake mixed with drinking?

Hold on give me a minute to get out of my feelings.

Ok I’m back now, better than ever

I stand in the eye of the storm but I got an umbrella

I’m not a mobster but they treat me like I’m a good fella

Rumors can’t break the team up, we aren’t Roc-A-Fella

People can choose not to recognize greatness

But my timing’s just right, God doesn’t recognize lateness

And for all those who waited to get on the bandwagon

There’s no more room, sometimes being late isn’t the right fashion.

I got a smile on my face because I can’t complain

Well I could, but it’d be cheesier than a Packers game

They say I had a short temper, Gary Coleman style

But instead I chose to ice grill ‘em, frozen Foreman style

The lap of luxury, certain people can’t fuck with me

With God’s grace, I guess these haters are stuck with me

All it took was some prayer and some luck, you see

To have me walking around feeling like a million bucks, you see

I have a lot of acquaintances, few close friends

If I was close to going off the rails, who would reel me in?

If life’s a game, they’re watching me like it’s ESPN

And the three words I hate to hear from girls? Let’s be friends

You see, I got enough friends, I think I need something more

I know enough people to be able to go on a mini world tour

I ain’t Tiger, my life really isn’t par for the course

Some girls dream of being basketball wives, but ain’t into sports

But yet, through all the nonsense that surrounded me

And the thousands of people that doubted me

I relish in their unsuccessful hating.

Because success is a journey, not a destination.

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