The Detour from the Victory Lap

Thought I was clear for the victory lap but I had to take a detour

People really think this is a game but do they really wanna keep score?

I don’t consider myself the bomb but I am blowing up like C4

And they know I stay on my grind like I found me a new skateboard

People throwing so many shots at me, I need some protection

They think they can teach me something, they need a new lesson?

People are experts at blocking their own blessings

If life’s a salad, I want the green. Y’all worried about the dressing

Just when they think they have the answers, I change all the questions

The feds is watching now a days, got to give them misdirection

Men talk more than women these days, let that just sink in

Throw shade behind your back and get in your face and pretend

The way the climate is now a days, I don’t even know how to act

Would I be fake for speaking to the person I know is talking behind my back?

But if I didn’t speak, someone would say I’m being petty

This shit got my mind racing like I’m Mario Andretti

Excuse me, that’s just a false alarm, this the same way y’all treat LeBron

Slander his name, all these years and act like you’ll miss him when he’s gone

I don’t really have hate in my heart but maybe I should reconsider

Because y’all say some crazy shit but when y’all got a little liquor

Afraid that someone might try to bring the second coming quicker

Afraid that my white friends might refer to me as nigger

If I say what’s really on my mind, I’ll burn bridges

If I only speak facts, people may still get livid

But that’s the life I chose, the life I lead, people place their burdens on me

Too many people done heard about me, overanalyzed like Jadaevon Clowney

But shoutout to Michael Sam, being the first is always hard

It’s hard remaining the nice guy when people try to pull your card

You take shots at me? You’re famous. I reply back? I’m brainless

I guess that’s one of the ways that you know you really “made it”

Drag my name through the mud and we’ll see if I come out stainless

Had to hit ‘em with the Heisman, I learned that from Jameis

I tried to “kill ‘em with kindness” but they didn’t fucking die

Even when their attacks failed, they still wanna try.

Sometimes people want to destroy you simply for being at the top

They recognize your power and they want that to stop

But it’s up to you not to let them, make decisions, don’t regret them

And don’t pray for positive things, you gotta expect them.

Minus the bullshit, life’s still great. I thank God for giving me faith

Living life in the fast lane? You might wanna pump your brakes

People trying to block my blessing, had to give them the pump fake

With all this conversation about “fruits” niggas must have sour grapes

And I swear success is addicting, you would know if you had a taste

A couple girls think I’m out of this world but they the same girls I want to give me space

Life isn’t fair, I learned that from a young age

Me and some people ain’t in the same book, let alone on the same page

Sometimes, Life throws obstacles in the middle of your path

So I had to take this detour but I’m gonna get right back.

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