The Prelude to the Victory Lap

I could almost drown in amazement, I’m surrounded by greatness

And perfection takes time so excuse my lateness

The price of fame is high, wonder if I can make payments

I look into the mirror and wonder if I really made it?

Standing here, wondering if I’m anyone’s favorite

If God is a DJ, sometimes I’m confused on the playlist

Promises are fragile, that’s why they keep breaking

And it’s a cold world, that’s why I keep shaking

It feels like everyone is wondering who I’m dating?

And no matter the answer, they gonna assume I’m playing

You can’t handle the truth! Remember that movie?

Think for yourself, don’t settle for being a groupie

And people taking shots like they stumbled upon a Uzi

And every other day, I find myself in someone’s GroupMe

But if being dedicated is a crime then go and sue me

And I’m all about my paper whether it’s in notebooks or loose leaf

Be careful writing checks that your body can’t cash

If you live in the fast lane, you might just crash

People think they deserve things when they really don’t

Say they’ll do something when we all know they won’t

Their words hold no value, they’re more nuts than a cashew

Life’s a marathon, not a sprint so people may pass you

But at the end of the day, it’s about the finish line

I been grinding for way too long, somebody’s gonna give me mine

Keeping sleeping on me and you’ll regret the naptime

Treat me as a joke, but you end up as the punchline

I’m serving these haters, like they’re in the lunch line

Life ain’t sweet like candy but it’s still crunch time

You think that you’re better than me? Call it a hunch

How many skeletons you got in your closet? I got a bunch

Yeah I got some problems that nobody can see

But you’re not one of them, you ain’t affecting me

I worked hard to get these people respecting me

And when they look for a hero, they come expecting me

Stop jumping to conclusions, you need to rest your knee

And kill the old way of thinking, rest in peace

If you sleep with dogs, don’t be surprised when you get fleas

Can’t be a slave to whips and chains, I’m destined to be free

I pretend to care about your assumptions and your opinions

Because at the end of the day, I’m grinding on a mission

No days off, no time for some fishing

And girls get on their knees everyday but what they’re doing ain’t Christian

Show ‘em how to move in a room full of vultures

I ain’t mastered the game I just studied the culture

They ain’t rooting for me, they ain’t clapping for me

I’m just saying, who out there is happy for me

I’m not the type to say I told you so

But I graduate real soon man you know, you know.

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