May Day

Woke up this morning, thankful to be alive

Even through the glasses, see the pride in my eyes

People lie to my eyes, matter of fact they lied to my face

Treat a nigga like he’s a disgrace, but I’m still in first place

Every piece I write, I got ‘em like preach

My brain must be in my shoes cuz I’m always thinking on my feet

You can deal with me or not, build with me or not

You could kill for me or not, ain’t that a twist to the plot

People taking all the shots, so greedy, so gluttonous

And I’m still not trusting shit, they be on some other shit

On some undercover shit, I’m on my burn rubber shit

Working so hard, it’s like I pulled a double shift

If you get jammed up, please don’t mention my government

If I ask you what’s good, please don’t mention my government

This life right here I’m loving it, I know some folks covet it

Walking around here in public, these words here? Publish it

I’m on my cupboard shit, the good shit is hidden in the shelf

I hit the ground running, I don’t do this for my health

Matter of fact, I get sick sometimes, physically and mentally

With all these burdens based off who people think I’m meant to be

People ain’t got the answers, the plans or the recipe

Killing these haters, tell everyone I said rest in peace

People keep testing me, but my God keeps blessing me

I give y’all most of me, I learn how to survive with the rest of me

That don’t make no sense though, people say what up though

But it’s like a horror movie because people here are cutthroat

It’s depressing round here because people here done lost hope

I remember when my mom used to wash my mouth with soap

For saying a couple bad words, the memories back then

Flash forward, I don’t just say bad words, I got bad friends

People would watch you starve with no worry

Stand in the corner and take more shots than Steph Curry

But as soon as you start eating, everybody want a plate

And they ain’t happy with hamburger, they all think they deserve steak

Y’all don’t deserve shit, be happy with what you get

Fake friends? Can get treated like bananas and go and split

Yeah the joke was corny but all of y’all haters bore me

If I tell all my haters to go screw themselves, it might turn into an orgy

And the girl calling me late at night, I think I know the reason

Same chick who tried to curve a nigga the other evening

People will cut you open then get mad that you’re bleeding

People will point you to McDonalds then get mad that you’re eating

You reap what you sow, I wonder what y’all gonna be reaping

I’m gonna give the haters a show, I know they’re always peeping

The truth can be quite blunt, don’t get high off the fumes

If I’m the smartest person in the room then I need a different room

Iron sharpens iron, lying begets more lying

I’m really playing the game, are y’all people really trying?

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