Why Can’t We Fall In Love? Here’s Why.

Inspired by Amerie’s “Why Don’t We Fall In Love?”


So I’m just sitting here with some questions on my mind

I thought females were supposed to be turned on by the grind?

But yet, I hear complaints about my schedule, my lack of time

Why are all the good girls so hard to find?

So I started to reflect, y’all know what happens next

I put pen to pad and my thoughts I project.

Why can’t we fall in love, that’s what Amerie asked?

Because if love’s a drug, some of y’all might need rehab

Here’s why we can’t fall in love, sometimes I get angry

With the brushes that society tries to make my painting

Because there’s a fine line between being critical and just hating

And because every girl I like, isn’t interested in dating.

Why can’t we fall in love? Because I graduate in 3 weeks

And there’s too many rumors floating around in these streets

Too many candidates laying around in someone else’s sheets.

Who think being “wifey material” is just knowing who plays on the Heat

They say love’s a game, I’m not sure if I want to play for keeps

They say it costs to be the boss and the price tag ain’t cheap

Therefore I can’t take you out to lavish restaurants

If that’s what you’re looking for, this ain’t what you want

Why can’t we fall in love? Because screenshots are the devil

Because my life is moving fast, I got the pedal to the mettle

You say I ain’t shit but who’s the pot and who’s the kettle?

Why can’t we fall in love? Because we both refuse to settle

Why can’t we fall in love? Because I don’t have chiseled abs

And I don’t have dreads or a beard, so you can do the math

I had to persuade hella people just to view me as equal?

Why can’t we fall in love? Because our shit doesn’t deserve a sequel

Why can’t we fall in love? Because you make hella assumptions

You’re like a magician, making something out of nothing

Because of y’all, I relapsed back into cussing

No matter what side I choose y’all still think I’m fronting

Why can’t we fall in love? I’m the topic of too many discussions

And you confuse the hell out of me, frustrating for nothing

Too often, you think that I’m really bluffing

And relationships aren’t something you need to rush in.

I ain’t perfect, matter of fact I’m not even close to it.

Happiness within our grasp but then we both lose it

Love is crazy man, can have you out here looking so stupid

And me? I can’t afford to look foolish

For some, it’s harder to find that one than to solve a rubix

So if love’s in the air? I’m like, “No. cupid”

Matter of fact, if love’s in the air, let me hold my breath

They told me to follow my heart, I got to retrace my steps

No one’s irreplaceable even Beyoncé got pushed to the left

And if Cupid’s taking shots, where’s my arrow proof vest?

I heard too many people say that “Love is like a drug”

And I was taught to be drug free, that’s why we can’t fall in love.

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