Mind Games

Mind games, mental warfare type shit

The truth hurts, like you’re getting beat by a nightstick

Life ain’t a game, ain’t no point in using the right stick

Paid my dues but being the boss is priceless

Hoarder of information, little homie, what you saying?

This is chess, not checkers better check the game that you’re playing

Lifestyle of the rich and famous is motivation

My heart is full of anger but my head is full of patience

War ready, graduation got me getting my cords ready

Weight of the world on my back, got to get my core ready

Standing here, thinking of a master plan

These people got the nerve to try and bite the master’s hand

They must be high, where y’all just leave? Amsterdam?

I tell him to kiss my ass like we’re in the south of France

Pause, people throwing shots at the throne

People out here throwing rocks living in glass homes

It’s cool though, I’m swinging for the fences, ’09 Albert Pujols

My words mean something similar to what the Jewels wrote

I think I promised someone, I would stop mentioning Alpha

But they’re trying to kill my inner child but I’m dodging all the captors

Shoutout to your old school way of thinking, it belongs with the raptors

Extinct while my championship banner hangs from the rafters

People hanging on every word like I became the pastor

We’re so obsessed with whips and chains they became the slave masters

I’m not the type of dude to ever hustle backwards

But sometimes the cash cow got to be put out to pasture

Traditions don’t die but they do change a little bit

Success is a hell of a drug, I hope it stays in my veins for a bit

Because I’m not the type of person to ever beg for it

But my life is a movie and some people are just begging for a clip

And others are still begging me to give a shit

But if I return to the game, I’d be bound to make a shift

Stole that line from Drizzy, ain’t no shame in my game.

But my mind’s a lit match, who’s adding the propane?

Normal people will never understand the pro’s pain.

And other people’s dreams get bootlegged like Soul Plane

Everyone can’t be the King like LeBron James

Be content with Bosh and just stay in your own lane

Me? I’m just sitting back dealing with these mind games

The level of deceit and drama is a damn shame

But you got to play the game to win it, and the game’s far from the finished

And haters can’t reach me, like t-rex arms on a midget

Life is a game of inches, we’re depending on every digit.

And if people are feeling froggy, I invite them to ribbit

No main girlfriend, no mistress, point me to the ambitious

I pray to God that no one says that I ever act different.

But I get it, like Pele back then, I kicked it.

They don’t make no award for that but trust me man, I’m living.

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