Status Update

Now a days, it seems like everyone is talking about my actions except for me

So it figures that today, I’ll give you a status update for free

On my calendar, there is one date circled that’s May 17th

Praying that I make it to graduation before my grandma’s deceased

You don’t know what I have been through and I do it on purpose

Because complaining about tough times is inherently worthless

My life is a stage play, I hope God doesn’t close the curtains

And every girl I mention on twitter, this chick assumes I’m flirting

I don’t be boo loving, I haven’t been in a committed relationship in over 2 years

Much ado about nothing, meanwhile I’m building the courage to face my fears

If you’re scared, go to church. I honestly need to worry less and pray a little more

Life isn’t a game but we managed to be obsessed on who’s winning the score

I threw some shots, people threw shots back, I ain’t got much to be worried about

I need something to make life move slow, there’s always something I’m hurried about

Friends or enemies, where do we blur the line? Not even a broken car can stop the grind

Real world coming soon, man it’s wake up time. All this nonsense is petty, is it make up time?

Time is a valuable resource, it’s not like you can just make up time

And to every girl who woke up like this, when’s your make-up time?

Trying to get my stacks up, the things that you’re saying don’t really add up

Looking to be saved? Better call some back up, find someone to pick the slack up

Swinging for the fences, make me put the bat up, grinding all night, only me & the bat up

Get it? The bat is nocturnal, all he does is sleep during the day.

People want to make fun of my weight? That’s an easy fix so I’ll be ok.

Matter of fact, I’m already ok, matter of fact, I’m already alright.

Some people gonna be an hater all of their life, whatever helps them to sleep at night

Everybody assumes I’m creeping at night when really I just be sleeping at night

Or honestly? Probably eating at night, studying for a test, reading at night

Rumors aren’t official, most of the time, you hear them from someone with an agenda

The only time I’ll believe that Brenda had a baby is if I hear it from Brenda

Is that too hard to remember? If you let it, this life will put you in a blender

Chew you up and spit you out because some people are faker than Splenda.

Like a tall tree, we all cast shade. There’s a difference between store brand and homemade

You people can’t spot a fake friend because you’re too busy worried about fake J’s

Any other things I need to address? Oh wait, let me get some things off my chest

I’m single as a dollar bill so we can put the whole “girlfriend” rumor finally to rest.

People love to take crumbs of information and try to cook themselves a whole meal

People hear one tidbit then spread that rumor without ever hearing that whole deal

Please don’t think you know me off my tweets, my name shouldn’t been in these streets

I have no interest in the game of love because these motherfuckers playing for keeps

I mean I got a couple crushes but to be honestly, it probably won’t go nowhere

Because in a month and a half, my college career is over

And a young player got a job, oh yeah. I won’t brag about what I could be making

All my heartbreak taught me to be grateful, it also taught me to be patient.

Patiently waiting for the day that people will fall back like King James’ hairline

Tall girl with ambition? That’s so damn fine but dating in this climate is like a landmine

Better be careful and watch your step, where I’ll be in 10 years? Anyone’s guess

Anyone’s guess but I hope for the best, I know God’s got me, he told me I’m blessed.

Even though I’m a mess, mentally, physically and emotionally

Next time you’re looking for a status update, I’d prefer you approach me.

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