The Black Bruce Banner (You Won’t Like Me When I’m Angry)

After all the things I been through, the good and the bad.

Spent some time without a mother, spent most of the time without a dad

I should be angry and in some ways I am

But I’m about to take what I want, no questions like Uncle Sam.

What some are calling a triumph, I just view as a stepping stone

Trying to keep the pace up like I was a metronome

I used to be universally loved and that came from being barely known.

Now I feel awkward when I walk into certain people’s home.

I see the snakes in the grass, they can quite frankly kiss my ass.

I plan on haunting my haters like the ghost of Christmas past.

My presence’s my present. Be grateful for your blessings

I’m not saying my future’s mapped out but at least I’m looking up directions!

I hear the chitter chatter but honestly, that doesn’t matter

I want my haters pissed off, treat ‘em like messed up bladders

Don’t try to play me, treat me like a broke video game

Want to be a superstar? Got to consider the price of fame.

Keep my name out your mouth, act like you’re deathly allergic

It seems like I come up a lot of times, accidently on purpose

And now these people nervous because the good guy aint good no more

Should have appreciated what you had, I didn’t think you could no more.

But before you say I’m acting reckless, I carry burdens like a necklace

I’m not saying you have to like how I operate but you will respect it

Because quite frankly, for the record? I’ll give you your choice of measure

And guarantee that almost anything that you’re doing, I done better.

So don’t think you’re better than me or just associate letters with me

Check my damn pedigree, success is my prey, I’m a predator, see?

I ain’t got time for the drama shit, I should say silent.

But people killed MLK and that was after he preached for non-violence

Then assassinated Malcolm X because he was making too much noise

I ain’t an open book, want one? Better go down to Du Bois.

This is the message of a man who’s fed up, who’s trying to get this bread up.

Some people would amputate their brother, just to get a leg up.

But heads up, they would love to see me fall so even if I stumble.

You won’t know about it, I’mma keep it on the humble.

In the game of life, there are winners and there are losers

Just be careful. You know beggars cannot be choosers.

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