The Quest for Amazing


I been through a lot, I’m just trying to be amazing

It’s clear that the Lord has been working on my patience

The colors are strangely vivid, check the picture I been painting

Drunk in love? I thought “I love you” doesn’t count when you been drinking?

Accept nothing, question everything, why you need a wedding ring?

Why can’t you mind your own business? Why the constant meddling?

Why don’t we shoot for the moon? Why do we advocate settling?

Baby get your mind right, allow me to set the scene

If I walk to every room like I own it, I eventually will.

If we keep trying to shoot down dreams? We eventually kill

Even though words cut deep, the wounds eventually heal

I ain’t got time for my peers to be eventually real.

I’m not saying that they’re imaginary, they just speak fiction

I want them to hear me loud and clear, I worked on my diction

You cannot pigeonhole me into dictionary definitions

And often times it’s better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission.

Because our predecessors didn’t ask for things, they took them

Sometimes you gotta change the scenery, like move the nets to Brooklyn

Let me smile for the camera because I know the feds are looking

Nosey people, wanting to smell what the rock was cooking.

People don’t hear the whole story, they hear bits and pieces

I ain’t an open book, man I got plenty secrets

Secrets that if I share, will change the perception of me

Change the perception of you, we find out who’s been deceived

Too many women are way too dependent on their weaves

And too many men wear true religion but don’t believe

Anything but “money over women” and that was the edited version

Can’t afford to pay attention but are those new Jordans you purchased?

We equate not having material things into being worthless

Travyon got killed over a hoodie and skittles, but we’re worried about shoes and purses?

George Zimmerman is a troll.

Sometimes the truth doesn’t have to rhyme, it just has to make sense.

Some people resort to crime because we told them they can only make cents.

Not dollars, but pennies. And we told them, that’s plenty!

The dude riding the bus doesn’t relate to the dude in the Bentley.

We barely related to ourselves, ligthskin versus darkskin

And all the other insignificant divisions that makes us not listen

If we show hate to our fellow brother, are we still acting Christian?

We’re walking around aimlessly, where are the leaders that are driven?

Oh wait, I’m gonna answer my own question, I’m right here.

Ready to lead the charge instead of looking like a deer

That was caught in the headlights and suddenly stricken by fear.

Or confusion, like Mayweather in the ring, I ain’t losing.

Undefeated, untied, clear your mind of pollution

The revolution is coming soon, it’s necessary, it’s needed

I feel like Mike Jack right before he made “Beat It”

And when you got the original, why settle for a remix?

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