Survival Tactics

All my life I been picking up survival tactics

All my life I understood that I’m far from average

Got the burdens of the world on my shoulders

I learned to bundle up because the world’s getting colder

The ambition created a monster that’s driven.

Should I hold grudges or should all be forgiven?

Now listen, I’m out here living MLK’s mission

Trying to be judged on the content of my character

Because things aren’t united in these states of America

The hustle? Y’all are invited when I marry her

Put a ring on it like Beyonce suggested

All the nonsense y’all hearing got your focus misdirected

Get the message, if you can’t read it, I’ll say it loud and clear

I don’t need a microphone, I can be the loudest man here

But they say actions speak louder than words

So what I do next, consider them nouns and verbs

But I can speak very well, if I say so myself

Want the whole team to win, don’t want these pesos myself

Everybody getting on my nerves, man I need some r&r

I’m gonna be able to take the top off my next car like Mardi Gras

People spilling their secrets, we call that a party foul

Everybody claims they’re an animal but I don’t hear nobody’s growl

Assassainate my character and I dodge the bullets like Neo

People get under a little pressure and start singing like Ne-Yo

I don’t claim to know the future, I ain’t no Miss Cleo

I’m cold hearted, my last Spanish girl called me frio

But I’m steady improving, I’m trying to find some balance

Some days I feel like MLK, some days I feel like Malcolm

Down for whatever, no matter what is the outcome

Because from my background, not many people come out from

Survival tactics, I had to develop them early

Because I knew I was gonna make it hands down, 6:30

But if you don’t believe me, watch me work

And when you eat your words, save some room for dessert

Who cares if she flirts, most of these girls are for everybody

Want free admission to every party, flirting with every hottie

My mind is my creative property, ain’t stopping me

And your plans to bring me down have been crafted sloppily

My desire still burns inside of me, gotta use it for good.

It takes a certain man to understand the street, and still be far from hood

I am still far from perfect, success is still far from certain

And due to these circumstances, I am still gonna continue working

I can work hard, play harder and still grind the hardest

And GPA doesn’t necessarily signal who’s the smartest

But I’m focused, anyone hating on me is quite hopeless

Throw dirt on my name but your whole personality is bogus

I ain’t the greatest yet, but I’m still far from average

I ain’t never falling off, I learned survival tactics.

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