#FreestyleFriday Vol. 2

Can I be honest with the people?

All heartbreak wasn’t created equal

Or the sequel, I don’t have time for the retreads

When I was younger, had trouble with the meatheads

When I was younger, had trouble with a lot of things

I know my future girl is gonna want diamond rings

And the shiny things, all the finer things

Life’s too heavy, got to focus on the lighter things

I never been the type to be overly emotional

I always been the one to be overly promotional

We live in a society obsessed with excess

We live in a society that’s focused on the conquest

No contest, haters need to plead guilty

Living a lifestyle to make even the numb feel me

I ain’t an angel, not a good chance that the nuns hear me

Trying to keep respectable women near me, ya feel me?

The scars from the past are healing, work on my feelings

And all that psychological babble talk, cut that rascal talk

Been through a lot of shit, all the burdens I need to pass it off

No one gets the real story, everyone wants to see the mask come off.

They want the whole story, sometimes this life bores me

They want the ugly story, this life can get gory

Get gully, the girl I like is really pretty

I sometimes feel like I got an alter ego, Calvin & C. Diddy

Wondering who’s gonna miss me, if I suffer my demise

My haters are extra salty, I call them mcdonald’s fries.

Look at the desire in my eyes, get a good look

Hop on the good foot, relying on the good book

I may need a cook book, because greatness tastes so sweet

No patience to deal with sheep, I don’t wanna hear a bo peep. 

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