#FreestyleFriday Vol. 1

On my freestyle Friday shit, coming off the top of my head

If every shot that was fired, hit me, I’d probably be dead

But, I’m living my life anyway

I have the potential to turn into the greatest anyday

Life created a monster, look at how far I gotta go

Cold hearted and cold blooded, my shit’s made of snow

It’s preposterous to think I wouldn’t propser, treat me like a rasta

Keep my name out ya mouth, I aint good pasta

You see, I’m kicking it like pele in his prime

I look up, see the sky they said the world is mine

And all the words is mine, I speak from the heart now

You think you the shit? You can’t even fart now

Excuse the graphic imagery, you have to be kidding me

They say I’m too abrasive, I don’t remember that in my memories

Planning on writing my memoirs, hope I don’t go crazy like Benoit

Looking back on the bad shit, it’s easy to get pissed off

But, you can’t let the emotions get the best of you

Because if that happens, the vultures will get the rest of you

Swarming and circling around you, preying on your weaknesses

I got my blinders on like a horse race, some Preakness shit

Triple crown, crown me three times, I am king!

Haters looking at me, how does he have the nerve to say these things?

I tell ‘em, I talk it and I walk it, I back it up when I can.

And it’s easy to be confident when you got the world in your hand.

I got a little bit more to say, trying to cross over like Hardaway

Life ain’t been easy, I always seemed to take on the harder way

I’m balling though, could be signed by Spalding though

Always a fan of progress, I have no time to be stalling though

What’s possible? I’m hurdling over every obstacle

And I know that makes my haters sick, find a hospital

Or nurses’ station, I used to be so impatient

But for your information, I’m on a path to greatness

You’re on a path to lateness, overrated like Christian Latener

I’m something like a great debater, step back while I do it major . 

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One Response to #FreestyleFriday Vol. 1

  1. Devante says:

    Rhyme scheme pretty cool the ABA format cool but I feel you can do more with this. Also like keep a story in mind your telling I was a liitle lost by the meaning of it all. Keep it up Bruh

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